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Students in Florence

By Jurgita Tuzikaite – Semester abroad is always exciting, but when your destination is Florence, then life is truly beautiful. At first it seems like a beautiful chaos, narrow charming streets bustling with tourists, outspoken tour guides leading them to museums, busy barmen making another fragrant cup of espresso, sonorous Italian language ringing everywhere, buzzing Vespas followed by clattering horses and dreamy street artists sketching it all. The city of Dante filled with rich collections of priceless artworks attracts students from all over the world to study literature, art, history and languages. However, in many medieval cities like Florence student…

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    Palio di Siena

    By David Orr – Writer – The Palio di Siena is a neighborhood war masquerading as a horse-race. Held in Siena’s Piazza del Campo on July 2 and August 16, the renowned race features ten jockeys driving their horses bareback at race-car like speeds, three times around the outer perimeter of the piazza. The race’s historic quirkiness is part of the charm. Its roots lie in the concept of a contrada – that is, a ward, district, or neighborhood. There are seventeen of them in Siena, and each were originally setup to supply troops to defend the city in the…

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      Caravaggio, Amore dormiente, Galleria Palatina, Firenze

      Amorino dormiente by Caravaggio On display in Lampedusa until October 3

      The Amorino Dormiente (Sleeping Cupid) by Caravaggio, which is normally exposed at Pitti Palace in the Palatine Gallery, that has been in Florence since 1667, when it was purchased by Cardinal Leopoldo de’ Medici, is among the masterpieces on display in the exhibition opened last June 3rd in Lampedusa, with the participation of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and of the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, at the “Museo del Dialogo e della Fiducia per il Mediterraneo” (Museum of Dialogue and Trust for the Mediterranean).

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        Antonio Possenti

        Scomparso questa mattina il pittore lucchese ANTONIO POSSENTI

        S​comparso questa mattina, all’età di 83 anni, il pittore Antonio Possenti. ​N​ato a Lucca​,​ era sempre rimasto legato​ ​alla sua città ​ed​ ​aveva ​il suo studio ​proprio ​nella piazza dell’Anfiteatro.​ ​​Alla Fortezza di Mont’Alfonso, a Castelnuovo Garfagnana, si era appena inaugurata la sua mostra​.​

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          Italia anni Cinquanta

          How did our country look like in the years of reconstruction after World War II and then after the “economic miracle”? We find ourselves flipping through family albums, like the illustrated periodicals that were issued back then, from the Illustrazione italiana, of the nineteenth century, to Epoca, the periodical of Alberto Mondadori, first issued on October 14th, 1950, dedicated to the common folk, having the goal to answer their questions. It started with the cover, showing the face of an anonymous, absolutely normal girl.

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            John Currin Paintings

            ohn Currin, one of the most appreciated artists of our time is the protagonist of a grand event in the Museum Stefano Bardini in Florence until the 2nd of October. Currin, the painter of sophisticated technique and visual culture, is known and appreciated for elegant portraits and even lascivious scenes interpreted with ironic realism, across the settings which are never banal. The interpretation of feminine sensuality and the psychology of American bourgeois results in almost surreal or even grotesque and unconventional artworks. In the exhibition, there will be a presentation of a series of paintings which are unprecedented in Italy.

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              A few words with Elena Bianchini The Workshop of Costumes and Scenes of the Pergola Theater

              Il Laboratorio Costumi e Scene del Teatro della Pergola – Teatro Nazionale della Toscana si trova nella sala ex-scenografia, situata sopra al palcoscenico, all’altezza del ballatoio. Un tempo sala di pittura scenografica che ha visto tra le sue mura molti maestri del nostro tempo, tra cui Franco Zeffirelli, oggi è un vero e proprio atelier sui tetti di Firenze, pieno di luce naturale che cambia ad ogni ora del giorno ed accompagna il lavoro in modo costante. Qui si lavora a 360 gradi sul costume storico e su quello contemporaneo, sui materiali tradizionali e sulla sperimentazione, sull’accessorio e sul dettaglio. Dietro le quinte di questo interessante progetto c’è una giovane di grande talento: Elena Bianchini, responsabile del Laboratorio.

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                06. Mele-ª++ndez, Retrato de muchacha

                I segni nel tempo Dibujos españoles de los Uffizi | Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid

                Questo evento è il culmine di un lungo cammino e di un ambizioso progetto promosso dalla Fundación Mapfre e dal Gabinetto di Disegni e Stampe
                degli Uffizi sotto la direzione scientifica del professore Benito Navarrete Prieto, e ha avuto come finalità lo studio della collezione dei disegni spagnoli della prestigiosa istituzione fiorentina. I risultati della ricerca sono confluiti in una pubblicazione che contiene 280 disegni e vari studi dove si approfondiscono con nuovi documenti le provenienze e si avvalora la singolarità della collezione.

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                  Vasily_Perov Dostoesky

                  Fyodor Dostoevsky

                  Florence played a big role in the history of the world and Russian literature, inspiring dozens of writers, poets and publicists. Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, Russian great writer, publicist, sophist, classic of Russian literature, was one of them. He has been in Florence twice and lived here for some time. Florentine roads and outside of the ancient houses still keep the memory about Dostoevsky. Fyodor Dostoevsky made his first visit to Florence in 1862 in the company of Nikolay Strakhov, Russian literary critic.

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                    field-COLORI TOSCANA

                    The Colours of Tuscany… That’s what I like the most about living here

                    My friends and family often ask me what I like the most about living in Tuscany. “The people, the culture, the landscape, the food…”, I think to myself…“Its’ colours” I reply out-loud, and they look at me expectantly to explain. I am careful to note that, for me, all those other things that spring to mind make up the very authentic palette that Tuscany is so known and loved for. Granted, the colours of Tuscan seasons are enchanting, particularly spring and summer, but it is the “colours” I mean figuratively that make one fall in love with the place.

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                      Sicily and More Originality and uniqueness

                      Sicily and More is a small boutique settled in Florence, just around the corner from Ponte Vecchio, well known for its Craft Sicilian products, exclusively made in ceramics. Here you find the accurate research on the best craft products from Caltagirone, city where the ceramics are a completely excellence, Sciacca, Santo Stefano di Camastra and Burgio.

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