“A New Working Culture”


Built on the foundation of creating the means to elevate small businesses with sustainable and affordable marketing consultancy, Proimpact has not only become a notable business but also a revolutionary concept. The group works with established brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs to provide “efficient, time effective, and affordable marketing consultancy.” With its branches spread across not only Florence, Italy but also the Middle East and Northern Africa, the team behind Proimpact has been able to affect the marketing success in local hospitality, arts and culture, restaurants, and education through their network of inter-business collaboration.

After completing their degrees, Mohamed Ogbi and Mohamed Mansur teamed up to build a marketing consultancy that focused more on collaboration than competition. During his time interning, Ogbi felt that the hierarchy that exists within major companies causes the overall creativity within the workplace to suffer. The fight to get promotions and recognition within such workplaces leads to an individualistic atmosphere versus one that is more collective. Upon further research into the markets within Italy, Obgi and Mansur recognized the resistance to change that exists within the Italian business and entrepreneur community. The overall reluctance to adapt to the new market demands prevented many brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs from taking their vision to the next level. With this knowledge, Ogbi and Mansur partnered up to create what they refer to as a “new working culture.”

Proimpact functions at the hands of a small, talented, and young group of individuals who each have a particular skill set allowing all the needs of the company to be met within their close knit, almost familial, team. Their fresh take on business allows them to collaborate and move around their market in innovative ways. Meeting up with Ogbi and Mansur was incredibly amiable and casual. We sat at a picnic table in the garden of Aria Art Gallery, one of their clients, and discussed what makes Proimpact unique. After asking what three described their company, they stated “efficiency, leadership, and impact.”

The team behind Proimpact believes in practicing policies such as “Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility,” meaning that they will work with their clients to ensure that they have a positive impact on the communities they are included in while spreading their brand in a socially responsible way. Working with the Proimpact team feels more like reaching out to a friend for ideas and help than asking a major white collar consulting firm for their assistance. In this regard, Proimpact’s friendly approach to their business and client relations makes them even more paralleled to the traditional values of small family rooted business within Italy.

Throughout Proimpact’s time in Florence, it has made notable waves within Italian small-medium business and their success. Working with local gems such as European School Of Economics, Fabrizio Corneli and San Remigio real estate. The team worked closely with Eva DiFranco, local independent fashion designer, and provided her a platform of ecommerce to increase her sales, visibility, and brand recognition. Aria Art Gallery, another local client in Florence, has worked with the team to create a virtual online gallery allowing the gallery to connect with other major reputable galleries in Dubai. Thanks to the help of Proimpact, Aria Art Gallery is now participating in Art Dubai 2018, an annual group exhibition in which underrepresented artists are able to show their works and earn prizes which could propel their resources tremendously. The team works tirelessly to adapt marketing to different global regions in order to communicate better across cultures to promote successful networking and business development. They specialize in this unique collaborative cross-cultural marketing technique that sets them apart from other major marketing firms.

Proimpact has worked to touch each of their clients in a meaningful way. Working with a vast variety of different clientele, they have built up a unique network of resources across different fields of work that expands from Europe, to North Africa, to the Middle East.

They provide that extra push to take businesses to the next level, whether it be online or going across cultural boundaries,  in order to be successful and always leave a friendly and endearing signature of “powered by proimpat.it” at the close of their clients’ websites.


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