Beautiful gardens to see in Florence around spring time

Andrea Ristori photographer

花 · 满城,来佛罗伦萨逛公园可好?


1. 波波里花园 (Giardino di Boboli)
在科西莫一世买下皮蒂宫 (Palazzo Pitti) 之后,在皮蒂宫后院为他的夫人打造了4500m²的波波里花园,包括露天剧院、柠檬树、咖啡厅、数不清的喷泉和雕塑。绝对是意大利式花园的代表之作。

Shaun Merritt photographer, Flicker, creative commons license

2. 巴尔迪尼花园 (Giardino Bardini)
巴尔迪尼花园是一座05年对公共开放的意大利文艺复兴式花园。波波里花园的后门出来几百米就是,游客相对较少。另一个入口就在巴尔迪尼博物馆所在的Via de’Bardi。

3. 玫瑰园 (Giardino delle Rose)
从米开朗基罗广场,沿着坡道往下走,5分钟就会到玫瑰园 (Giardino delle Rose),4-6月,园中开满各个品种的玫瑰花,非常好看。
玫瑰园不大,1865年由佛罗伦萨建筑师波吉 (Poggi) 建造。
4. 鸢尾花花园 (Giardino dell’Iris)
鸢尾花花园在米开朗基罗广场和Viale dei Colli的交叉口,每年只开不到一个月,5月2日-20日,免费。

5. 卡西内公园 (Parco delle Cascine)


Beautiful gardens to see in Florence around spring time

With flowers and new leaves starting to cover every corner of Florence, don’t you just want to won-der around a little bit more? Gardens, are amazing places to experience spring arriving. Where are the best gardens to go in town?

Giardino di Boboli
After Cosimo I purchased Palazzo Pitti, he ordered a big garden in the backyard. Boboli Garden co-vers 4500m², filled with open theaters, lemon trees, fountains and statues. It’s one of masterpieces of Italian gardens. In winter, Boboli Garden looks pretty sad, with broken branches and withered flowers at sight. When spring arrives, vitality returns. People come here to see flowers blossom, and enjoy the sunshine on the lawn.

Giardino Bardini
Giardino Bardini is an Italian Renaissance garden only been opened to public for just 12 years. Leaving the back gate of Giardino di Boboli, only a few hundred meters from it, is Giardino Bar-dini. Another entrance is on Via de’ Bardi, where Museo Stefano Bardini is. It’s a much less crowded garden. Going up to the terrace, you can enjoy the view of Florence historical centre. The most breath-taking view here is the gallery of wisteria and the cupola of Duomo through groups of flowers.

Andrea Ristori photographer

Giardino delle Rose
From Piazzale Michelangelo, walking along the ramp for 5 minutes, you will see Giardino delle Rose, a garden full of many varieties of roses. The best time of appreciating roses is from mid-April to early June. The garden is relatively small, built by Florentine Architect Poggi in 1865. In 1998, A Japanese Shorai oasis donated by the twin city of Kyoto was set in the garden. From the garden, you have a clear view of Duomo. (Well, in Florence, you pretty much see the Duomo from any-where is high). So, ask several friends out and enjoy some fine spring time!

Giardino dell’Iris
Giardino dell’Iris is at the cross of Piazzale Michelangelo and Viale dei Colli. The flowering time of iris is quite short, only about 2 weeks in May. So this garden only opens once a year, from May 2nd to 20th. Entrance is free. It holds the International Iris festival annually.

Parco delle Cascine
This grande park which covers 160 hectares has been in Florence for almost 500 years. It’s also the most visited park of mine. A lot of locals come here for jogging, biking and walking dogs. It’s a great place to bring kids to play.
The park avenue actually has the best looking view in late autumn. You can admire the colouring changing of ginkgo trees and golden fallen leaves paving the boule-vard. When spring comes, it’s all green again. The weekend vintage market is one of the reasons at-tracting people. Small stands spread around the bronze statue of Vittorio Emanuele II on the horse, selling vintage furnitures, housewares, bags and clothes.


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