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Bent Lady, 2003

John Currin – Paintings Dal 13 giugno al 2 ottobre | Firenze, Museo Bardini | Una mostra a cura di Antonella Nesi e Sergio Risaliti

A partire dal 13 giugno prossimo e fino al 2 ottobre, John Currin, tra i più apprezzati artisti del nostro tempo, sarà protagonista di un grande evento al Museo Stefano Bardini di Firenze. Si tratta della prima mostra personale di Currin in uno spazio pubblico italiano.   Pittore sofisticato per tecnica e cultura visiva, Currin è conosciuto e apprezzato per ritratti elegantissimi e scene anche lascive interpretate con un ironico, impudico realismo. Nei suoi dipinti, molte volte quadri di piccolo formato, Currin dissimula una conoscenza spiccata della storia dell’arte e un gusto assai sofisticato della composizione figurativa. Con ambientazioni mai…

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    Una sorpresa ‘gelata’ : IL BISCOTTO MATTEI e DAI-DAI

    Quando un biscotto incontra un gelato, il risultato non può che essere gustoso. Due aziende della tradizione si uniscono nel gusto per una deliziosa sorpresa pronta per merende e dopo cena estivi. In occasione dell’estate, i fratelli Bartoletti della gelateria Dai-Dai di Castiglioncello e i fratelli Pandolfini del Biscottificio Mattei di Prato, reinterpretano la tradizionale Cassatina “Dai-Dai”: a base di panna fresca, latte fresco, tuorli d’uovo, farina con i Biscotti di Prato e infine ricoperta per metà da cioccolato fondente. “E’ sempre più importante creare sinergie con aziende che, come noi, perseguono obiettivi di qualità. Per questo, dall’amicizia con i…

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      pupa per maggio giugno 2016

      Armida Pupa Nardi

      Armida “Pupa” Nardi, versatile Florentine artist, in her Art Studio in the heart of Florence, in Piazza dei Giudici 4/5 r, in front of the Galileo Museum and next to Uffizi has realized a refined place of Culture and Beauty.
      Pupa has always had a “visceral” relationship with Florence, a city to which she feels very attached, stating: “I was born in the splendid Florence and have had the fortune to breathe Art in all its forms.

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        foto marito LAmiya ok

        “Ospitale” A word that best describes Florence

        “Ospitale” is one of many words decorating a whiteboard in my office. The very whiteboard I have been using for my Italian lessons since our move to Florence. Every day I get a gift of a new word or an expression from my colleagues, who smile patiently at my childish determination to master a beautiful tongue of the great Dante. Every week, my Italian teacher assures me I am making progress, and dares me with new vocabulary. Yet, when I search for a word that best describes Florence, “ospitale” tops my chart every time.

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          Fabrizio Berti Jug Band (c) Donatella Damiani

          Il Popolo del Blues Ogni domenica alle 15.30 su Controradio

          The dream was fulfilled in 1995. Ernesto de Pascale, historical voice of the Rai Stereonotte transmission, used the title of the book by LeRoi Jones to give life to a radio program dedicated to blues. The first step of The People of Blues was made by the Florentine broadcaster Controradio. Then the collaboration with the musical festival, the record label, the newspaper and website was born. All in the name of a great passion for music (blues has added interest for other genres as well) and an independence of design and production of various initiatives.

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            Chelsea Fringe: The Pothole Gardener

            Chelsea Fringe Festival 2016

            In 2015 Florence have seen the first edition of the Festival. Undoubtedly smaller than the Londoner one, however hosting many original high quality projects and involving famous historical garden as well as individuals and associations eager to share with others their passion for Nature.

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              george miller.grande (1)

              George Miller President of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival

              After Jane Campion, another Australian is appointed as the President of the jury at Cannes. Despite him just turning seventy-one years old (on the last 3rd of March) Miller preserves his charm, with a class that can conquer anyone from the very first encounter and an eclectic personality that has made him famous as the director capable to treat with success any film genre, crossing easily from drama to comedy, from noir to cartoons.

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                Porta del Paradiso_Creazione di Adamo e Eva

                The doors of the Baptistery in the Opera del Duomo Museum

                The large space from the ground floor of the renovated Opera del Duomo Museum welcomes visitors as they enter with a truly, suggestive scenery. Here, where once there was the poignant “Teatro degli Intrepidi”, later destroyed, now reproduced in the setting the ancient Arnolfian façade of the Duomo. On the opposite side of the saloon, there are two original gates of the Baptistery. In fact, for conservation reasons in the square are gradually placed copies; the only original one, still placed outside is the one facing Via Calzaiuoli.

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                  Dante Alighieri Divine Poet, father of our language… father of our Nation

                  The tourists who crowd the streets of the city’s centre can see the shadow of Dante everywhere: from his house to the side of the Cathedral, to the Church of Badia in via del Proconsolo where he used to admire Beatrice, from the names of the streets and alleys that remind us of the arts and crafts of medieval guilds; to the many tombstones who quote the recall of those specific places in the verses of the Divine Comedy.

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                    Coppa Douris

                    Bronzes and sculptures, retracing the tracks of the Etruscan presence in north-western Tuscany At the Pretorio Palace in Prato, until June 30, 2016

                    “Who doesn’t know where he is, doesn’t know who he is”. This is one of the most significant quotes from the refined film by Mauro Bolognini, That splendid November, that also investigates how the sense of identity can be preserved in time. From this perspective, the territorial knowledge and its history is the essential element for understanding its roots, the meaning of traditions and costumes still largely customary in the present days and to be able to rediscover its traces in the daily consumed dishes, or in the attitude of those familiar to us.

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                      Joseph Brodsky and Florence The famous Russian and American poet, translator, essayist, novelist and Nobel prizewinner for literature in 1987

                      If you need to tell your child about mysterious Italy, you can define it this way. Italy is a waking dream of a wonderful wizard, an imaginative man of taste, that came true. So what is Florence? We think, this is the city, where even the smallest street looks like fairy road, where the closed doors keep the ancients secrets, where you can read the love of life in the eyes of every stranger. It should be not surprise that thousand people of all the times were being out for see the absolute miracle called Florence. We can see the world famous personalities among the lucky men who got visit Florence.

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