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Via Francigena An extraordinary journey to discover the Tuscan territory

Via Francigena crosses the entire Tuscan region marking a journey to discover her many places, even those lesser known, giving the visitor an opportunity to fully appreciate a land whose purpose is to amaze and inspire anyone who travels on it. The Via Francigena is a 380 km route that can be travelled in 15 stages; a fully signposted and secure journey to avoid repetition, thanks to important measures implemented over the years by the Tuscany Region; an itinerary that can be experienced by the traveler who wants to rediscover the beauty of the territory and regain their relationship with nature, through bicycle and horseback rides, and on foot, or a wonderful combination, whilst enjoying a gastronomic experience, rich in history, art, culture and spirituality.

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    Spring has arrived… Let’s protect our pets from the parasites

    Having a pet comes with many responsibilities, among them, choosing what is best for your best friend; especially when picking out remedies for fleas, ticks and other parasites it can be very hard to know what is the right choice. The products offered on the market are many and, in certain situations, these products may have some drawbacks and can also cause problems.

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      Asmana Wellness World,Campi Bisenzio,Florence

      Asmana, a new concept of wellness In less than eight months after the inauguration more than 100.000 visitors

      Asmana Wellness World is an original experience, an entire “world” that offers a wellness experience suitable for everyone. Asmana’s mission is exactly this: to launch a new concept of wellness to be lived as a luxury but democratically, creating a place where it is possible to find energy as well as experience true relaxation that allows you to detach yourself from the everyday stress.

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        Firenze. Accademia Italiana, Arte Moda Design
"Fashion Show". Sfilata degli allievi 2016
photo by Claudio Barontini

        Accademia Italiana Fashion show

        Come ogni anno l’Accademia Italiana di Firenze ha organizzato il grande evento di fine anno al Teatro ObiHall, all’insegna del glamour più sontuoso e della creatività, valorizzando il lavoro svolto dagli studenti provenienti da ogni parte del mondo e che si confrontano su un tema trainante: “Materiali di moda” e le infinite combinazioni possibili di tessuti, colori, pellami, stampe e ricami.

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          pateck evento

          Fratelli Piccini illuminates in red the Stazione Leopolda A large gala event dedicated to Patek Philippe

          Black & White with a touch of Red, questo il tema scelto per l’evento glamour e blindatissimo organizzato da Fratelli Piccini e Patek Philippe nella suggestiva cornice della Stazione Leopolda di Firenze.
          Come ogni anno si rinnova l’appuntamento della Maison fiorentina dedicato alla collezione di segnatempo Patek Philippe, presentando agli ospiti ed ai collezionisti le ultime novità 2016.

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            Alighiero Boetti Il filo del pensiero

            After the major international retrospectives that have consecrated Alighiero Boetti as one of the great masters of the twentieth-century, from April 14th to May 20th of 2016, The Arts Academy of Design, in via Ricasoli n.68, hosts an exhibit, curated by Luca Tomìo, which intends to let surface the “thoughts” that, since 1971, were decorated by the Afghan women to Boetti, simply following the thread of his “thought” and enriched by photographs of the embroiderers realized by the American photographer Randi Malkin Steinberg.

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              Torrefazione Cesare Magnelli A Florentine story since 1875

              The origins of the Torrefazione Cesare Magnelli date back to 1875, when, Cesare di Angiolo Magnelli decided to take over a business on Via Gioberti, just a short walk from the historic center. Thanks to his genius and to the intuitive spirit that characterized him, the first years of the ‘900s represented a very prosperous period for his activities, which led to the opening of various outlets and a grocery store which also sold liquori, colonial goods and offered “hygienic coffee roasting”.

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                Sicily and More

                Sicily and More is a small boutique settled in Florence, just around the corner from Ponte Vecchio, well known for its Craft Sicilian products, exclusively made in ceramics. Here you find the accurate research on the best craft products from Caltagirone, city where the ceramics are a completely excellence, Sciacca, Santo Stefano di Camastra and Burgio.
The Boutique’s emblems are the colorful and vivid Moro Heads, but you can also find Decorated Ceramic Plates, Paladins, The Sicilian Puppets, Nativities, Nativity’s Characters made with terracotta, Stoups, Matrangela and Christmas Trees, everything rigorously handmade.

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                  boucher intero

                  Oltrarno comes to life next to Ponte Vecchio The new atelier of Francesco Farolfi

                  An artist and an artisan have united their “expertise” in a historical space in via Maggio n.3/R, near the corner with via Sprone. The headquarters, existing since 1928, the workshop of the Capecchi family, lampshades manufacturers, has now also become the shop of painter Francesco Farolfi. Here, the artist who works on the premises, knows how to fully express his creativity and exposes his works of art applied on furnishings and interior designs: trompe l’oeil, images of Florentine landscapes on textiles and furniture.

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                    Gelateria Edoardo The certified organic ice cream

                    La gelateria Edoardo nasce della passione per il gelato e per le cose sane e genuine, i gelati ed i sorbetti contengono solo ingredienti biologici, cioè privi di elementi chimici, OGM e coloranti. Ed è la prima gelateria biologica certificata di tutta la Toscana! Afferma Tiziana, la proprietaria, “Abbiamo dato al negozio il nome di nostro figlio: Edoardo. E di certo non poteva mancare un gusto a lui dedicato: il “Gianduia secondo Edoardo”, un gelato a base di nocciole e cioccolato molto gustoso e cremoso. Per i sorbetti utilizziamo solo frutta fresca di stagione, i coni sono realizzati a mano…

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                      Video: Lungarno Torrigiani collapsed Publiacqua reports disruption of water service in Florence and surrounding areas

                      This morning at 6.30 a.m. a hole opened in the main center of Firenze, on Lungarno Torrigiani, between Ponte Vecchio, Firenze – Italy and Ponte alle Grazie. The collapse involved about twenty cars that were parked, “No injuries, but damage: heavy damage” were the words of the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella. The place is one of the most charming places of the city: on the other side of the river there are the buildings of the Uffizi Gallery. Today the Palazzo Pitti in Florence museums will be closed for the entire day. The onlyGiardino di Boboli will be open,…

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