The Robert F. Kennedy Center is hosting a new arts exhibition in Florence this month to bring attention to the issue of human rights worldwide. The exhibition is a part of the RFK Center’s “The Changing World” series in October that focuses on thinking and change and is entitled Diritto dell’Uomo, or The Rights of Mankind. The artwork on exhibit was submitted by local and student artists of all nationalities and focuses on different human rights described in the United Nations’ 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Some artists have chosen to represent new rights that they believe should be included and endorsed by the United Nations. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes such rights as the right to health and well-being, the right to culture and creativity, the right to scientific development, and more commonly known rights such as the rights to food, liberty and equality. The RFK Center is displaying the works in the name of fighting prejudice, misunderstandings and homologation and promoting sustainability. More than just an expression of beauty, this particular selection of artwork will challenge viewers’ perceptions and end in a call to action for the rights of humans worldwide.
All artists will introduce their works at the opening of the exhibit on October 23. Many different mediums will be represented in the exhibit, including graphic arts, photography, sculpture and painting. The exhibition will be on display at the RFK International House of Human Rights at “Le Murate” on Via Ghibellina 12/A, Florence, Italy until October 30, 2013. In a time where many citizens worldwide are rising up to fight for their rights, there are just as many people around the world who are still suppressed in one way or another. The RFK sponsored exhibit is one way of bringing global attention back to the rights of man, by hosting an art exhibition in one of the biggest art cities in the world.

– Ellen Miller
Student in Florence and writer