From the 15th of October 2013 to the 6th of January 2014 the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, a foundation of banking origin engaged in social, cultural and scientific activities, is promoting in Florence, together the Fondazione Guelpa from Ivrea and with the participation of Rossella Segreto Annigoni, the exhibition Pietro Annigoni: the presence of an Artist, celebrating the Master on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of his death.

The exhibition shows aspects of Annigoni’s life and work related to the main genres in the long career of the Master: Portraits and Self- Portraits, Landscapes and Religious themes. For the first time, among the initiatives for Annigoni, this project (planned in four sections) is set up to show unseen works from Ente CRF Collections of Art, Fondazione Guelpa and other Public and Private Collections.

The first section – “Pietro Annigoni between Ivrea and Florence” – has been produced by a cultural alliance which involves Ente CRF and the Fondazione Guelpa from Ivrea (a city in north west Italy) which owns a group of Annigoni paintings never before shown in Florence. In all 22 pieces can be compared: 11 from Ente CRF and 11 from Fondazione Guelpa, which show 2 Self-Portraits of the Master, 11 Portraits of several personalities, 5 Religious works and 4 Landscapes. The second section – “Rariora Annigoniana” – shows a large number of unknown works from Ente CRF aim of this section is to offer to the public’s attention paintings not usually included in the current circuit of Annigoni exhibitions, in order to disclose a ‘hidden’ profile which Annigoni is able to express always on high quality levels. In other words an extensive production to explore yet.

The third section – “The Family” – introduces a voyage through Annigoni’s Family: his father Riccardo, his mother Teresa, his first wife Anna, his second wife Rossella, and his children Benedetto and Ricciarda. In this section it’s possible to see portraits by the Maestro but also documents, sketches and photos from the 1930s till the end of 1980s. In the fourth section – “Morelli’s donation” – presented to the public for the first time, are about 100 Annigoni works – mainly engravings – donated to the Ente CRF by Mrs. Michela Morelli from Rome in 2009.


16 ottobre 2013 – 6 gennaio 2014
Ente CRF Spazio Mostre
Via Bufalini 6, Firenze
Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze