One of the most rewarding aspects of working as a journalist is the privilege of daily meeting people original and creative, unusual, dometime downright over the top… I confess that I find irresistible these people and I express my sympathy for them.
Today I will introduce you the artist Donatella Isola (, the eccentric author of the portrait that accompanies my editorial in this issue and that surprised me too!

Donatella knows how to tell unusual aspects of people that she portrays and this issue seemed to me the best opportunity to show the picture which she has made for me, for the reason that the Carnival in coming (we speak about this on page 26).

On page 4 my interview with the lawyer Franco Lucchesi, Chairman of the Opera del Duomo in Florence, who speaks of the great commitment of the Institution which he represents in the protection and preservation of the artistic heritage of Florence.

Special attention to the article written by Cristina Acidini who introduces us into the heart of the initiatives planned by Florence 2014 A Year in Art which will embellish the coming months. Much space is devoted to music and theater program in Florence during this period, cultural events and artistic initiatives which you can take part discovering people and personalities of the city whose talent and passion fascinate the public, enriching the culture, even civic, of each. A novelty that with pleasure I introduce to you is the column written by Niccolò Rinaldi, Florentine, Member of the European Parliament who will accompany us to the discovery of a “Florence unusual and secret,” hidden, uneasy, “a city of stratified layers”.

An important anniversary affecting the entire community of Florence, and not only, regards the Venerabile Arciconfraternita della Misericordia di Firenze, founded in Florence in 1244, in the heart of the Piazza del Duomo, which since almost eight centuries is, to use the words of its Provveditore, Andrea Ceccherini, “example, in the world, of a love that is incarnated in the actions in favor of the poor and the weak”.
I conclude with a special greeting to all the students who read us and who support us through their participation and a very warm welcome to foreign students who have chosen Florence to complete their course of study. Welcome Students! From our editorial staff the hope is to be able to help you in knowing and living better the beautiful Florence.