There are already many cafes in this area. What makes this cafe different from all the others?

First of all, clients are treated as individuals, as if they were in their own home, eating their own dishes. The food we offer is all made here, as it is at home. We have made the decision to offer dishes that are rooted in traditional flavors of Italy. Also, we only have 22 seats so we can give individual attention to each customer.

What is your favorite dish that you make here?

My best dishes are those that come from Lucania, where I am from. There, we make a lot of homemade pasta like Ferraioli/Friz le ca a’ mellica and orecchiette with turnip greens.

How important is local food for you? Do you try and use local products and ingredients?

We pick all our ingredients with attention. It is important that the produce and products are regional and if possible, directly from the farms and producers because it secures freshness and the best quality possible.We specifically look to cook with seasonal vegetables. In fact, right now, there is pasta with broccoli on the menu. In the summer, you will find pasta with tomato and mozzarella, but you won’t find what you are eating now because we do not use frozen foods or out of season produce.

I see here that you have many different types of wine. Are these wines different from what you would find in another restaurant?

Yes, by creating our own menu and with collaborations, we are able to offer a selection of wines from various regions. When we prepare a traditional dinner with dishes from a specific region such as Lucca, Puglia or Calabria, we also try to choose wines that will pair well with that type of food. In Italy, the wine possibilities are endless but the characteristics of a Sicilian wine are different from that of the Veneto region. If you take a wine from Calabria and pair it with a plate of pasta and tomato sauce, it will not pair well and thus, not taste right.