Ellen Miller
Ellen Miller

This May the Giardino Corsini, in English the Corsini Gardens, will mark the twentieth anniversary of the Artigianato e Palazzo nonprofit, established by the original villa’s descendants in order to promote craftsmanship and to display to the public the secret behind handmade goods.
All day long from the 15th of May through the 18th the gardens will mark the anniversary with the participation of 80 local and foreign artists.
The crafts and palace show was established in 1994 to celebrate artisans and bring a modernity to the tradition.
In ancient Florence, artisans were an important part of societies and had their own guild.
Fine art was created under patronships, often for wealthy families or churches, leading to the focus on religious themes that is seen in much of Florence’s Renaissance art.
As society has modernized, so too has the way that fine arts and crafts and created and marketed.
“Artigianato e Palazzo” in particular focuses on the actual demonstration of certain crafts, such as metalworking, to the public.
In the past, more than 700 artisans have been invited to the festival, representing over 140 ancient crafts.
The fair enjoys the support of the President of the Italian Republic, the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and other significant entities.
In the past the fair has been supported by such significant companies with craft backgrounds as Gucci, Roberto Capucci and Bvlgari.
On the twentieth anniversary of the fair the Corsini Gardens are looking to invest in up and coming talent, allowing young people to experience the fair and artisanship behind the scenes.
Ten young bloggers will be selected to attend the event free of charge and share about it on their own websites through their personal medium, be it writing, photography or video.
Ten up and coming artisans will also be selected to attend the fair and network with professionals.
For those looking to explore behind-thescenes into crafts such as goldsmithing, the Artigianato e Palazzo fair in May is the perfect opportunity.
Be sure to head there towards the beginning, as several visiting artisans will be giving gifts to visitors while supplies last.
As Italy continues to modernize, the Giardino Corsini ensures that its rich history of artisanship is not lost.