Ellen Miller
Ellen Miller

Italy was right at the heart of the battle during World War II but is often forgotten in the histories, between the intense bombings of Japan and the horrifying revelations about Hitler’s death camps.
For many Italians, though, the story hits close to home as family members were directly impacted by the loss of the war and the subsequent reorganization of the Italian state and the establishment of a democracy.
April 25 marks the day that Italy was liberated, and Italians around the country mark the day as an important day in Italian history.
Further south in Rome, Italian president typically visits the Ardeatine Caves Mausoleum, where the Nazis massacred 335 Romans in 1944, to pay his respects.
The city of Florence marks the day with a marching band and free concert held outside, weather permitting.
The day is a national holiday, so if you will be in Italy keep in mind that some things may be closed.
As Italy looks forward to the future with a new government just having been formed, they will also be looking behind to remember their fellow countrymen who were lost in World War II.
In particular Italians will be celebrating the revolution of partigiani and anti-fascist groups that aided in the fall of Mussolini, helping to bring democracy to Italy.

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