outdoor_installation4Florence has no small quantity of amazing art museums to choose from, and the choices can be dizzying, from the masterpieces at the Uffizi to the curated gardens at the Pitti Palace.
For those with a car and a little bit of time, though, something unique can be found on the roads outside of Florence, in Tuscany.
The popularity of modern art in Italy is rising, with a new nineteenth century art museum slated to open April 30, and the artists in Italy are responding in kind, continuing to produce a vast quantity of quality work that is just beginning to be recognized by the general public.
If you are looking for something in Tuscany to do that is truly off the beaten track, rent a car and take to the roads.
outdoor_installation2Outdoor art installations in Tuscany are the modern rage, and visiting them gives one a surprising glimpse at the lives of modern-day artists in Tuscany who are often overshadowed by their centuries-old masters.
Michelangelo, Donatello and Da Vinci were certainly talented, but there is a great number of up-and-coming talented artists in Italy today, just waiting for their big break.
Hop quickly over to Pisa to get started, where American graffiti artist Keith Haring has a massive mural.
Continue near Siena, which is close to Florence, in two towns, Pievasciata and Chiusdino.
Pievasciata is home to the Chianti Sculpture Park, which beginning in April is open to the public through the summer and houses a bevy of sculptures that stand guard along a circular path through the woods.
outdoor_installation6Nearby in Chiusdino, the Selva di Sogno consists of sculptures of tiny civilizations created by Deva Manfredo out of stones.
Finish up at the Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint Phalle, in the Tuscan hills, built by its namesake, a French sculptor, who was inspired by Gaudi’s work in Barcelona.
The big, bright, colorful statues and sculptures Green Therapy are truly a step away from the traditional Italian artistic experience.
If you are too intimidated to drive, you could always rent a driver for the day in order to experience the unique art options.
For those on a stricter budget, there is always unique art to see in Florence for free— from the Renaissance sculptures that sit outdoors for free viewing year-round to the occasional contemporary art installations in the streets, like the installation of bikes along the side of a building along the Arno currently.
For those looking for a step away from the traditional art experience, all that is left is to simply begin to look.

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