by Ellen Miller 

Summer might have left the Italian coastline, but this time of year is arguably one of the best to visit one of Italy’s most treasured spots: Capri. Made famous by personalities like Rick Steves and Giada de Laurentis, the tiny island of Capri receives many more tourists than it truly has the capacity to host. Most visit the island for a day, two max, sampling products like limoncello, eating pizza, pasta and the famous seafood and perhaps purchasing a pair of sandals to take away. The best way to experience Capri, however, like most of Italy, is through the eyes of a local. So now that the tourists have died down, pack a bag and head to the island for a long weekend.

Located within the bay of Naples, Capri is close to many of Italy’s other famous sites: the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and Naples itself. The island, while called Capri, actually includes two towns: Capri itself and Anacapri. From the ferry harbor, take the furnicular up to Capri, and check into your accommodation. Be sure to do your research in advance: when traveling in the off season in Italy, anticipate closures. Some smaller family-run inns may be closed, and you might want to do research on places to eat to see where you might find a good meal, since some restaurants may close for the winter. The center of Capri is more populous and more glamorous; it is full of designer shops and nightclubs. Anacapri, on the other hand, is a little quieter, though both are packed out during tourist season, especially during the daylight hours when daytrippers come over from nearby Naples and Sorrento. Regardless of where you opt to stay, there are tons of things to do on the island, from renting a boat and exploring the coastline to shopping for customized sandals. The Blue Grotto is one of Capri’s most famous attractions, a small cave with bright blue water. It’s best seen on a bright, sunny day, so if you have the flexibility wait and see what the weather does before booking. You also can’t enter the grotto if the sea is really rough, making a few days stay in Capri all the more sensible. Italy’s second most important lighthouse is located in Capri as well, making it a convenient stop. Punta Carena lighthouse is located on the rocky coast of the island and nearby it are ruins from World War II. The lighthouse is still in operation and throughout the day you can see fisherman heading out for the day’s catch or returning with their fish (or even squid) in tow. Want a view of the whole island? Head up Mount Solaro, either walking or by the chairlift and take in the views of the sea from the top of Capri. Not to be missed in Capri is the amazing food and drink. For those who love it, the seafood is sublime, caught right off the island and prepared fresh. The island’s signature drink, limoncello, is a must try. Made from lemons, it’s just the right mix of lemon and sweet. For those living in Italy who haven’t yet made it to Capri, go now while the crowds are low but before things shut down for the winter. For visitors, give it a shot you have the opportunity to see authentic Italy. Capri is a beautiful island that is well deserving of a spot on any Italy lover’s itinerary.
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