By Ela VasilescuWriter

An upcoming exhibit by three young photographers at Pop Cafe in Santo Spirito, Florence, sheds light on a seldom acknowledged fact: “all reality, not only beauty, is in the eye of the beholder”.

Three photographers shooting the same subjects at the same time, yet, producing completely different interpretations…this is the theme of “3 on 3: The Eyes of the Photographers”, a photographic exhibit opening on March 19 for a week at Pop Cafe Gallery. The protagonists, age between 17 & 18, are advanced students of Mark Abouzeid, award winning photojournalist, and attend the International School of Florence’s baccalaureate program. Mark Abouzeid is a fine art photographer, but also a living heritage, visual documentarian, an idealist and humanitarian. His fine art collections have been or are currently exhibited in numerous museums including Palazzo Vecchio, Accademia della Crusca, Museu de Valencia d’Etnologia, Pitti Uomo, Bedouin Heritage Foundation and Museu Maritima, Barcelona. “We live in an age where iPads and cellphones are replacing cameras. People walk around capturing what they believe to be a universal reality. In fact, even these ‘handheld scanners’ are creating their own reality based on the subjects they notice, the angle and proximity they choose and the editing imposed on the final work”. Mark Abouzeid, Director of MAPg. Alexandra Lemmi (US/Italia), Savannah Sweeting (Australia), and Jamie Randene (US) present three interpretations of three subjects in three themes: fashion, family and street photography. Working simultaneously like a dance, the photographers move and adapt to the models, each navigating the other in order to find their shot, their vision. The exhibit will open from March 19th through 25th at Pop Cafe Gallery in Piazza Santo Spirito, Florence.