By Claudio Fantuzzi – Journalist & Photographer

Still some days to go and springtime will be here. You feel it already, sun is staying up one hour later, air is giving scent of early daisies, and Florence is coming out from its relaxing lethargic winter.  Lines at the Uffizi are not so unbearable, at the David either, and just few minutes to start “climbing” Campanile di Giotto and the Cupola make tourists happy.

The “tuscan sun” is starting to give some warmth, and many people take advantage of famous Florence’ tolerance to lie down everywhere tryjng to soaking it up…

Happily, the winter sounds of beeing gone away.

This magazine will stay with you ‘till end of April (we’re bi-monthly!) so you might think that some pictures summer-like I framed here are a little bit tricky: no way, all my pics are real no manipulation at all.

Enjoy then florentine’s springtime though, and be prepared for the “luxury” magnificents may and july in the next issue, where I’ll show you some tips of the Florence’s… other side.