By Ela VasilescuWriter

FMs4Ms Network is a community network founded in 2004 by Kimberly Dopke-Vanzi, with the purpose to assist expat English speaking mothers living in Florence and Tuscany. Kimberly first came up with the idea of creating this community after moving here with her family and realizing how hard it is to get around and integrate in a new country as a foreigner and young mother. She has designed a website, blog, and discussion groups, all with the purpose of bringing together English speaking mothers and form a beautiful community in which they can help and support each other.

Although Florence is a mastodon of history and its beauty amazes and allures people from all around the world, the everyday life of an expat family is not always as glamorous as you would think. As in any country, expats have a lot of issues to fit in and having someone to help them go through the whole process is at least comforting. Each mother has her own story and each mother has a unique way of raising her children, so creating a corner of support where they can interact is amazing. All mothers who are part of this community are always ready to lend a hand, constantly exchanging ideas and giving out advice based on their own experience.

The group organizes regular meet-ups, where children and parents can come together and have fun while making new friends and creating new bonds. Along with other events that they organize, they also provide a lot of information about health, schools, businesses and organizations. If you are an English speaking mother living in Florence you can join this friendly community by accessing their website