By Ela VasilescuWriter

The Boboli Perfumes fair is an event where thousands of people come together to smell some of the most incredible floral displays and shows, and most importantly some of the most unique fragrances out there. The XI edition of the festival, “Boboli Perfumes…and coffee  fragrances” will be held at the Overseas Agricultural Institute in Florence, a perfect fit for the original mission of this event: the discovery of the hidden jewels from our cultural heritage through an exhibition that also has commercial value . Along with fragrances and accessories of our exclusive exhibitors, the spread of “coffee scent”, the soul of the IAO of International Cooperation project, will also be present at EXPO 2015, involving local associations of small coffee producers from central America. The presence of coffee fragrances will prove the knowledge that the organoleptic characteristics of coffee are distinguished by the same natural flavors, such as jasmine, citrus, wood or red fruit, which are the basis to the creation of fragrances. The event includes the presence of maximum 20/25 exhibitors selected for their product quality, authenticity and representativeness of the territory. The interior exhibition space will be arranged with antique tables, while the outdoor spaces will be located on the surface of one of the meadows, surrounded by rare plants of high and middle stem, in the Tropical Garden. Apart from scents and fragrances, stalls will also be offering candles, soaps, perfumed oils and essences, herbal teas, spices, cosmetics, natural fabrics, and more. This event will make you feel like you have been teleported into the seventeenth century, watching people choose herbs and flowers to use for their fragrances. The festival starts on June 4 and ends on June 7. The entrance to the exhibition is free.

 Istituto Agronomico per  l’Oltremare
Firenze – Via A. Cocchi, 4