Vogue Fashion Night Out Florence Edition

Credits: Gioconda Rafanelli e August Kaciuruba
Credits: Gioconda Rafanelli e August Kaciuruba
Credits: Gioconda Rafanelli e August Kaciuruba

By Mihaela Pavel – Writer & Fashion and Traveling lover

Started in 2009, the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is an annual event happening in the coolest places across the world. This year, the event takes places in two Italian cities: Florence (17th of September) and Milan (22nd of September). What you should expect from the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is people dancing on the main streets of the city center, free drinks, good music, great vibes and a fresh atmosphere. This year event is the third time in the history of Florence when the city is hosting the event.

LOGHI VFNO 2015_LOGO SCELTO VETTORIALE_FIRENZEThe purpose is to promote fashion and to boost the local economy. As a tradition, part of the proceedings will go to charity. The collected funds of this year will go to the Foundation of the European Institute of Oncology and to the Meyer Pediatric Hospital of Florence. “​We are particularly happy to hold the Vogue Fashion​’​s Night Out in Florence. Even if it is a traditional city, it always got involved with enthusiasm in this event together with big names of the Made in Italy. We are proud to keep giving our support to the fashion industry, one of the most important economic sectors of our country.

At the same time, it is also the perfect occasion to help real projects that will benefit the community” said Franc​a​ Sozzani​, ​Editor in chief of Vogue Italy. The entire city center will be partying and celebrating fashion. The event will cover the area starting from Piazza della Signoria and Piazza Duomo to via Tosinghi. You can enjoy shops and street parties, cocktails and DJs. And it’s the only night in the year when you can do late night shopping as shops will be open until 23:00. Brands and designers will make special items for this event, and there will be many discounts and gifts to enjoy. If you have always wanted to see Florence from a different perspective and you have dreamt of open-air fashion parties in the city center, you should definitely take part.

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Inaugurata nel 2009, la Vogue Fashion’s Night Out ha luogo ogni anno nelle città più cool del mondo. Quest’anno, le città italiane coinvolte sono due: Firenze (17 settembre) e Milano (22 settembre). Cosa dovrete aspettarvi da questo evento? Gente che balla nelle strade del centro, drink offerti dai negozi, ottima musica, un good vibe e un’atmosfera nuova. Firenze ospita l’evento per la terza volta.

L’obiettivo è promuovere la moda e contribuire al rilancio dell’economia locale. Come da tradizione, una parte dei ricavati andrà in beneficienza, alla Fondazione dell’Istituto Europeo di Oncologia e all’Ospedale pediatrico Meyer di Firenze.

Siamo particolarmente contenti di far rivivere la magia della Vogue Fashion’s Night Out a una città dalla tradizione antica come Firenze che ha sempre risposto con entusiasmo alla serata e dove sono presenti molte eccellenze del made in Italy” – dice Franca Sozzani, Direttore di Vogue Italia – “Siamo orgogliosi di continuare a dare il nostro sostegno al mercato della moda che rappresenta uno dei settori economici più importanti, in particolare nel nostro Paese. È anche loccasione per sostenere progetti concreti a favore della collettività”. L’intero centro città sarà coinvolto dalla festa per celebrare il mondo della moda. L’evento si terrà su tutta l’area da Piazza della Signoria e Piazza Duomo fino a via Tosinghi. I party saranno sia all’interno dei negozi che nelle strade, dove troverete DJs e cocktail.

Potrete anche approfittare dell’apertura straordinaria dei negozi, che chiuderanno solo alle 23:00. I principali brand e designer prepareranno creazioni speciali per questo evento, e troverete sconti e regali per voi. Se avete sempre voluto vedere Firenze da una diversa prospettiva e avete sognato feste fashion all’aria aperta nel centro della città, non potete perdervi questa serata.


  1. […] Vogue’s Fashion Night Out is basically the night where I realize how much I am not “with it,” my outfits probably make no sense and that I should eat rice cakes and fat free yogurt for the rest of my life. It also painfully reminds me how much I cannot wear heals and how Florentines put the icing on the glitz and glamour cake. I may sound like an embittered Daria, but let’s face it- Italians and their well-dressed immaculate put-togetherness makes us question our outwardly presented existence. Unless you are one of those people who moved here and learned how to emulate the well-dressed gods who grace these Renaissance streets, you probably know exactly what I am talking about. To be diplomatic at best, it is a night filled with flashy events, openings and shows, albeit shoving along the jam packed boulevards getting from one palazzo to the next. […]


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