Carnival has arrived earlier this year You don't want to miss out on the festivities that go on until the 9th of February


Here in Florence many neighborhoods organize small parades and games for children during the day and several establishments have put together theme nights for students who want to put on a mask and party without having to spend money on trains and accommodation. The events are endless so search for activities going on in your neighboorhood on google and for parties on Facebook where you can secure a spot and buy tickets to numerous events.

Photo: Dorin Vasilescu |
Photo: Dorin Vasilescu |

However if you want to enjoy the most traditional and sought after Carnival of Italy hop on a train to Venice. The city of Venice has put together a website available in Italian and English with all the main events that happen also until the 9th of this month. One of the highlights is La “Fabrica” di Piazza San Marco right there in the Venice’s already exuberant main square that hosts a village called The Creatum, designed by Massimo Checchetto, that will house artisans working at the close hand of the public. Events on the square also include a competion for the best mask and tradicions such as the “il volo dell’Angelo, dell’Aquila e lo svolo del Leon” and the “sfilata delle Marie”.

Private parties and events are also available for booking on the same website, we are talking luxous parties with banquets, fancy costumes and prices that come close to the thousand. Now if you want to stay close to home and on a smaller budget you may head to Viarregio for the second biggest carnival in Italy. Viareggio offers the traditional parade with political, historical and compteporary themes. The official festivities in Viarregio begin on the 7th of February and go on until the 5th of March. Some of the parades include a fireworks show at the end including on the14th of February when the date is dedicated to love!

For more information check out the websites bellow and have a great time!


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