My heart in Florence


By Teng Ai – Student in Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence

I am Teng Ai, studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) of Florence. I have been living here for three years. Florence, in my heart, is a piece of jewellery, an elegant necklace mounted with colourful gemstones. Wearing some delicate leather shoes toget in touch with its old ways or while wandering around thevarious valleys, it is quite evident, and impressive though. Feeling no urge to think, I’m walking on the same stone pavement, where so many great ideas have once been thought.
ai tang in piazza repubblicaBut Florence is not only its historical masterpieces, its appreciation in contributing to the joy of life hides in little crossed sections of every day. Fruit and vegetable markets here, are always fascinating. Whenever I want to try some unique unfamiliar variety, there is always an owner, or somebody present at the shopping, like the wife of one I know, a nice well-rounded chatty lady, with whom a conversation comes about how I should cook it, how much time it may take, how many spoons of salt and olive oil will do fine. Naturally, there is always a secret touch as well and the whole mythical hides in the small bunch of leaves that I hold in my hand. Every time the exchange ends with the reminder of the previous ones, as a cozy voice: I will try and tell the following time that it tasted fabulous. So sweet. The most moving memory in my heart comes from the villages of Toscana. Either the curling up cooking smoke, the desolated nostalgic atmosphere, they all touched me profoundly. Early morning, soaking in the fog, gazing at the houses and vineyards, feeling the passing years, a thousand and one more, it might also lie in this peaceful poetic fantasy. Time itself dwells here, I suppose……




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