This season the Medici Dynasty Show is staged in a beautiful new location: the Baroque Church of Sant’Onofrio inside the Il Fuligno Complex in via Faenza, 48. The complex dates back to the early fifteenth century and was previously used as a convent for many years. The location is rich in history and cultural heritage, hosting numerous works created by famous artists; including the famous Italian painter and sculptor Bicci di Lorenzo, who completed frescoes to decorate the rooms of the convent, which still remain today. The church where the show will be staged was restored and reconsecrated in 1601.

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Two side altars were built this same year and added to the church. The side altars host two restored paintings: “Rising Christ with Margherita Alacoque” by Edoardo Gelli (1930), and “The Madonna shows San Francesco her baby” by Nicodemo Ferrucci (1620). The masterpiece by Alessandro Allori, “Cristo Crocifisso” (1558), is typically above the high altar, but is currently being restored. The church also holds a bas­relief in glazed and blaked clay, Paliotto Robbiano, made in the sixteenth century. The monk and artist Filippo Maria Galletti painted the ceiling of the church at the end of the seventeenth century. At the end of the eighteenth century the location, il Fuligno, began to go through a period of diverse uses. In 1997 restoration of the location began thanks to a special Italian State Law and with the help of the Florentine municipality. Today the location is used as a multifunctional centre, meeting all the requirements of modern Florence. The Medici Dynasty Show is pleased to be staging the performance in this exquisite location.
What’s The Medici Dynasty Show?
This unique theatre show in English is a one hour live theatre production performed in English. The show educates through entertainment. The show focuses on siblings Anna Maria Luisa and Gian Gastone de’ Medici, the last living members of the Medici family. During the show they recount the history of their family and what they have contributed to society over a period of 300 years.
With a unique incorporation of multimedia paired with the performance of the actors, the show creates an extraordinary experience for the audience.