Gelateria Edoardo The certified organic ice cream


The gelateria Edoardo was born from the passion for ice cream as well as genuine and healthy things, the ice cream and the sorbets contain only organic ingredients that are free of chemicals, GMO, and artificial coloring. And it is the first certified organic ice cream shop in Tuscany! Says Tiziana, the owner, “We have given the store the name of our son: Edoardo; and certainly a flavor is also dedicated to him: the “Gianduia according to Edoardo” (“Gianduia secondo Edoardo”), an ice cream with hazelnut and chocolate, very tasty and creamy. For the sorbets we only use fresh seasonal fruit, the cones are handmade in front of the customers and the fragrance they emanate is so irresistible it attracts people that were just passing by”. Entering Edoardo’s is like taking a little trip to the past; all make you breathe the atmosphere of the old dairies. It’s a bit like this ice cream shop had always been here…

Piazza del Duomo, 45R – Firenze,
Phone. 055 281055


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