On September 25th Villa “La Ferdinanda” will host the first theater piece “The Medici’s legacy”. What’s better than the same voice of Grand Duke Gian Gastone de’ Medici to recount the deeds of the dynasty that ruled Tuscany for three centuries and that exactly three hundred years ago established the first wine appellations in the world?

In Artimino, on the sweet hills of Montalbano, this fall history takes shape and voice, to remember with a theatral show the cultural legacy left by the Medici family in Florence and Tuscany. On September 25th will stage the first live show of “The Medici’s legacy”, presented by The Medici Dynasty Show. A real dive into history, accompanied by fascinating multimedia content, music, video mapping and costumes, set in the “Hundred chimneys’s Villa”, the nickname given to the “Ferdinanda”, the former hunting residence of the Grand Duke and today Unesco world heritage site. On 24th September 1716 the Grand Duke Cosimo III issued the announcement Above Borders Declaration of the four regions Chianti, Pomino, Carmignano and Valdarno di Sopra, to protect and enhance those wines considered among the most virtuous ones. This is the first example in the world of the concept of designation and production regulations, and the document defines strict harvest rules and production and delimit the area of Carmignano. The extravagant Grand Duke Gian Gastone and his sister Anna Maria Luisa will come together for the last time: from their meeting a flashback will trace the glorious history of the dynasty, patronage, social initiatives, including those concerning the wine and the protection of quality products. In the Villa “La Ferdinanda”, The Medici’s Legacy will trace a fascinating history, weaving together the highlights of the Medici period to provide viewers cues to reflection but also strong emotions. The play was born after an historical research and the expertise of a multidisciplinary team, with the aim to bring down the audience into the show by offering a new way to learn the history of Artimino and Carmignano’s territory.

The Event’s Calendar

In the afternoon of Sunday, September 25th, 2016 will be held the charity auction, followed by a welcome cocktail, guided tours of the Villa and musical entertainment. After the aperitif in the Grand Ducal cellars, the first stage of “The Medici’s legacy”.
Total price: 40 €

Friday, September 30th, instead, apericena in Villa’s in Grand Ducal cellars, and show “The Medici’s legacy”. Total price: 40 €

Sunday, October 2nd, afternoon snack in Villa for adults and children (with babysitting service), followed by the show “The Medici’s legacy”.
Total price: 28 €
After the show, in addition, you can dine in the restaurant Biagio Pignatta (with reservation) with the Medici-inspired menu. 10% discounts for members Onav – Fisar – Ais – Fis.

For more information and reservation:
email: eventi@artimino.com
Phone: 055 8751426-7-8-9