I have been so caught up in a whirlwind of summer events and travelling, I do not know where to begin! Having discovered some magical hidden gems here in Florence and throughout Tuscany; I am thrilled to share this incredible must see place with you all in the hope you will visit it for yourselves.Whether you are staying here as a guest of the hotel or come simply to enjoy the restaurants’ many wonderful dishes in the company of your boyfriend, this is, for sure one, of the most romantic dinner spots I have ever been to in my life, and I have travelled a lot!

The food is amazing; so mouth-watering in fact, that annoyingly, I didn’t take photographs of the actual meal; but let that be my testimony to the standard of deliciousness. I had the swordfish with vegetables on the side, whilst my partner enjoyed beef scallops served with Tuscan wine.

This is also a place where the locals come to eat which is a good sign if you want to escape the inner city restaurants, whose ambience can be infused with the noise of overzealous tourists – I have become selfish in my love for Italy! The views of the rolling hills, a golden sunset and tapered trees, aligned like custodians en route from the city to this heavenly place; it is mind blowing.

You can see the entire city of Florence including the Duomo with enviably large estates nestled among the greenery. Don’t expect much conversation with such good food, great prices and incredible views such as this; it is a romantic setting overload! The Italians sure know how to date!

I should also point out; this is not the place to wear heels. The dress code is rather smart-casual as is most of Italy actually, with rustic stairways and uneven stone floors, so flats will suffice. The service was great and the staff very friendly with a good command of the English language.