The winds of September in Florence always bring many changes. Firstly, the temperature drops and the city, after the hellish summer heat, can breathe easier again. This fresh breeze of air invites the local Florentines back from their vacation allowing bars, shops and newsstands to re-open again for the new season. While for most of us September is the month which signifies getting back to familiar daily routines, for others it is a month of starting something new, exciting and unknown. Of course, we intend the foreign exchange students, who for the very first time will experience what it is like to live and study in a different country. Clutching the fully packed suitcase, wide-eyed and with heart full of emotions they dive in fully to the adventure of Florence. It is challenging in every way but equally rewarding, because this city of art is incredibly generous to all who try to get to know it. The great beauty and richness of history is entwined in the soul of the city. Each corner, each street, each minor detail and decoration hold fascinating stories which are just waiting to be uncovered. These surroundings are stimulating both artistically and academically. Also, not to mention the Italian cuisine, freshness of products and excellence of dishes made with love and experience. No exam will seem so frightening after enjoying a scoop of creamy gelato or a glass of fine wine while overlooking the sunset over the dreamy Tuscan hills. Lastly, the city follows a rhythm of life which is ignited with joy. It is a rhythm of Italian lifestyle which slowly becomes a part of you. It turns people to the most expressive ad most relaxed versions of themselves. It does not matter if you are here for three months or a year, what is certain that a piece of your heart will stay here forever, because after living in Florence there is no way a person can look at the city the same way.