Throughout history, Florence has been the city of creative people, a place where artist and artisans followed their path to create, to be inspired or to keep old traditions alive. They were, and still are the blood that runs through the veins of this city, the ones who make its story go further and beyond. Many emerging artists from around the world come into this city to learn how to find a new form of communicating their art and Creative People in Florence was designed to bring them together.

Creative People in Florence is a group that started four years ago as a way for artists to meet and interact, but ended up becoming a community where artists and artisans, either professionals or amateurs, create amazing art together.  In the past year, the group has opened the doors of some studios, organized workshops, exhibitions and creative aperitivos in order to communicate their art and share their craft with others. They have succeeded in building strong relationships between the members resulting in beautiful collaborations with unique ideas and new concepts. Photographers, jewelers, visual artists, dancers and designers all came together to enrich their portfolios and to show their exclusive visions to the world. This is a young and expanding group, always on the quest for new artists willing to create or just to feel like they belong.

You can join the group, on their Facebook page or be on the lookout for upcoming events on their blog