From the pasture, barnyard, farmyard, garden and granary, the right food from the right places for the right price. This is the motto and philosophy of the new FOODY FARM, located in the Santa Croce neighborhood.

Opened this past February, it is the latest restaurant and privately owned by an aspiring restaurant entrepreneur. The restaurant offers lunch, aperitivo and dinner daily and has a bar and five dining rooms and even includes a private table in the wine room. It’s contemporary, refreshing, beautiful and creative with a fun atmosphere. Management traveled the Tuscan region for six months and selected farms from Tuscany based on excellence of specific products customarily linked to a specific area and following strictly traditional production methods that have been handed down from generation to generation. Details of which are all found on the menu. Most farms are small and family owned and production is only sold locally or to specific restaurants, bars, hotels or specialty markets.

The menu was designed for the patron to choose and create a meal with their budget in mind encouraging repeat visits. Half portions are available and quite ample, for 3-5 euro. Meat and cheese selections are cut by the portion and price of your choice. You can build your own salads and fondues. The unique burgers are very popular, small like sliders, but plenty filling and accompanied by fresh cut French fries. The cold meat selection comes in a customized picnic box, the chicken liver paté with polenta is served in a flower pot, sandwiches on a shovel head secured with a long black screw and as an extra added touch, you can find disposable gloves in a small container to use while eating those messy hamburgers and ribs. Gluten free dishes are also available. Every detail well thought-out with a touch of humor and executed to perfection. The extensive wine list offers every wine by the glass for 2-7,50 euro, an excellent way to try new vintages. If you love fresh fish, you must try the FISHING LAB ALLE MURATE, the restauranteur’s first seafood establishment opened in May 2016.

The creative menu and the right portions for the right price began here and has successfully captured the locals and visitors looking for the best and freshest seafood Florence has to offer. While dining here, you are visually in awe of the recently discovered frescoes and ancient Roman ruins that surround you. Located just off the Piazza Duomo, the fish is exceptional and the experience is totally unique.

The ingredients in every dish are so fresh and masterfully combined and the presentations are an eye-appealing surprise and delight. The service is fast, efficient and extremely friendly. It seems the right formula for success has been found in Florence: high quality food for the right price.
Auguri and buon appetito!





Fishing Lab Alle Murate
Via del Proconsolo 16/R
Phone +39 055 240618
Foody Farm Corso dei Tintori 10/R Phone +39 055 242327