San Giovanni Day Waiting for the June 24 fireworks over Arno River

Andrea Ristori Photographer

Every year on June 24th, the whole Florence city is super lively. Because it’s San Giovanni Day, the patron saint of Florence. Indeed the famous Baptistery San Giovanni standing on Piazza Duomo is dedicated to him. From morning to night, the city is celebrating the festival. In the morning, a big parade in medieval costume walking through the historical centre. Starting from Piazza Signoria, ending at Piazza Duomo. Followed by an event at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, on Piazza Santa Croce, holds the final game of Calcio Storico Fiorentino, which is “historic Florentine football”. It’s a sport, or a show, mixed of rugby, wrestling and football. When the crowd shouts out loud “Viva Firenze”, you can feel the excitement running around the square and even the whole city. The last but not the least, at 10 o’clock in the evening, the first crack of firework rising up to the sky over Piazzale Michelangelo, shines on the crowd of people coming from all directions. It starts the firework show of San Giovanni Day. The best locations for watching it are Ponte Santa Trinita and Ponte alla Carraia. Of course you’ll have to get there very early to grab and hold a spot. Applause, cheering and camera flash tell you how much people are enjoying it. After 30 minutes, the show finishes with 3 shots of aerial shells, which also marks the perfect ending of San Giovanni Day.

Andrea Ristori Photographer


6月24, 到阿诺河边看烟花
每年的6月24日,是佛罗伦萨的守护神日——圣若望日 (San Giovanni) 。圣若望是佛罗伦萨市的守护圣徒,主教堂广场上的洗礼堂也是以他命名的。
这一天的庆祝活动从早到晚:上午的中世纪盛装游行从领主广场到主教堂广场上的洗礼堂。下午5点是佛罗伦萨传统足球赛 (Calcio Storico Fiorentino) 的总决赛。这项活动(抑或说是一场大秀)融合了英式橄榄球、摔跤和足球。当围观群众大声呼喊出 “Viva Firenze”(佛罗伦萨万岁),呼喊出的就是人们的热情。

Andrea Ristori Photographer



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