Our collections represent that sense of belonging and of being Fiorentine that we proudly share with the rest of the world. They are inspired by Florence and its beauties, and it is these that form their basis. Each one contains a piece of our city: the “Tetti di Firenze” collection is inspired by the shapes of the roofs that we see from the windows of our atelier nestled beneath the Vasari Corridor as well as the “Dot” collection takes its proportions from the arches of the Corridor itself. And again… the “Anita” collection is dedicated to my grandmother Anita Buccianti Piccini and her favourite flower, the “giaggiolo”, the Fiorentine name for a special variety of iris, symbol of Florence. But our gaze goes beyond Florence and expands, drawing inspiration from what strikes and inspires our creativity. These gazes has brought to the creation of the “Metropoli” collection, which reproduces the lines of the great cities of Northern Europe, of the “Intreccio” collection, which traces the designs of the fishermen’s nets of the Mediterranean islands and of the “Lulù” collection, cheerful and colourful like the Harlequin’s costume. And finally, “Snake”. A collection that with its sinuous and sensual shapes represents femininity in its essence.