The Florence Tattoo Convention

Photo: Antonio Nieddu

The Florence Tattoo Convention comes to the tenth edition that will take place on 3-4 and 5 November 2017 in the usual location of Fortezza Da Basso in Florence. The past meets the present, the splendour of Renaissance meets the most contemporary of art forms.The Florence Tattoo Convention has always committed to promote the artistic and historical culture of tattoo enhancing the work of traditional tattoo masters, coming from the most varied parts of the world, who are trying to handing over the roots of this ancient art. Particularly for the tenth edition are promoted artists working with the Indonesian tukul kayu (Hendra Folk and Albar Tikam), Mexican hand-poke (Samuel Olman), Japanese Irezumi (Ryugen and Tenkiryu), Thai wand (Matt and Rung Ajarn) and Filipino and korean techniques.

Photo: Antonio Nieddu

Between the 330 participating tattooers there are some of our most renowned Italian artists as well as Marco Galdo, Stizzo, Genziana, Amanda Toy, Morg Armeni, Marco Cerretelli, Alessio Ricci, Marco Wallace,Marco Manzo, Antikorpo, Billi Murran and Davide Andreoli just to name a few.

Photo: Antonio Nieddu

Not least is the international rose that will join the tenth birthday of the convention. Among them: the legendary Bill Loika, Sam Barber, Juan Gonzales, Sasha O’Kharin, Jeroen Franken, Chris Higgins, Neon Judas, Benjamin Laukis, Agnieszka kulinska and Bogdan Bacanu.

Photo: Antonio Nieddu

The tattoo artist is certainly one of the most controversial figures in the world of contemporary art. Is this urban fashion or is it talent? TALENT, no doubt. The wonderful selection of works presented in the vast exhibition area is a direct testimony. Group shows and solo of some of the most celebrated artists in this field will be part of the special collection designed for the first decade of the convention. We quote the superb collective called Han’nya Brigade, the triptych of the award-winning contemporary painter Alex Folla, the project on the 7 sin by Max White, the presence of the Roman Gallery Parione 9 and the Circo dei tatuatori Association that will propose a project on the mission of the Sea Shepherd, the collective Skate Heart Roma, the eclectic Antikorpo and the photographic exhibition of anthropologist Lars Krutak AKA Tattoo Hunter on Discovery Channel.


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