Every year the graduating students of Accademia Italiana present the collection of their creative projects on the exhibition. The theme of this year is Humanity. Students had the opportunity to look at the topic from different perspective and decide how they wanted to represent it into their work. It is interesting to see how unique every project is and how differently students choose to show what humanity for them.

The Interior and Product Design section is focused on the question how to make human lives better and more meaningful. There are a lot of projects about libraries and bookshelves as well as detailed plans of cafes and apartments.

The Graphic Design students were working on posters, putting their thoughts and personal researches in the visual images and texts, which could communicate with the audience and let them understand their ideas. Some of works represent more general ideas, connecting humanity with the nature, evolution or space. Others, however, look for the equality and the way to connect us and show that no matter of our differences, we are one.

Photography students chose to work in different genres, their projects are shown in landscapes, portraits and photojournalism. They represent individual approaches and understanding of humanity, including researches about cultures, religion, feminism and disability.

Apart from looking at the collection of art, visitors could also take journals with published projects and detailed students’ explanations about their work.

The exhibition will be in Le Murate from 14th of April till 1st of May from 4pm till 8pm.

Graphic and Interior Design – MIP MURATE IDEA PARK Semiottagono

Piazza della Madonna della Neve, n.8

Robert F. Kennedy International House of Human Rights,

Via Ghibellina n.12/A