On October 13th, at 8:45 pm, the Verdi Theatre in Florence will stage the show Giulietta and Romeo, directed by Fabrizio Monteverde, based on the text of William Shakespeare, produced by Luciano Carratoni with music by Sergej Prokofiev and choreography by Fabrizio Monteverde. The protagonists of this evening are the dancers of the Ballet of Rome, which as indicated by the name, begin the tour of the show in the Italian capital on October 4th at the Teatro Olimpico. Then, after the evening of October 13th at the Teatro Verdi, the company continues to perform in Genoa, Ferrara, Montecatini-Terme, Bergamo and Bologna in the following days.

Centuries after the staging of the original text by William Shakespeare, Monteverde resumed the central elements of the performance at the time proposing it with a contemporary adaptation. The ballet tradition accompanied by the score of Prokofiev presents the tragedy of the love story in the style of Monteverde in a scenography that was initially created in 1989 for the then Ballet of Tuscany. In the same year, the Ballet of Tuscany debuted the opera at the Carlo Felice in Genoa, rereading the tradition of the show to the city of Florence.

In the Verona imagined by Monteverde, there is dust, war behind and revolution ahead, a hope of progress and reconstruction. In the province of Italy after World War II, Juliet meets Romeo, a quiet dreamer. The dancers’ dance reflects the energy of Shakespeare’s words in an innovative adaptation.

In fact, innovation is one of the main points of attention of the Compagnia del Balletto di Roma, which spreads Italian auteur dance in Europe and in the world. The group was founded in 1960 by the artistic association of two major characters of the Italian dance scene: Franca Bartolomei and Walter Zappolini. The technical and creative level of the Rome Ballet has allowed for the development of a repertoire of high value, inviting young emerging talents to always contribute with new ideas.