Il volume offre una panoramica esaustiva di tutti i dipinti di Leonardo, basata sulle ultime ricerche e scoperte. L’opera del genio di Vinci è letta alla luce dei recenti dibattiti accademici, con particolare riferimento al continuo miglioramento delle tecnologie e dei dati scientifici, ormai indispensabili per l’indagine sui capolavori di ogni tempo.

The book is an exquisite and highly accessible overview of all of Leonardo’s paintings, based on the latest expert research and discoveries. It is of critical importance to continually examine Da Vinci – this epoch defining human being – and the extraordinary artistic output of his studio from a contemporary point of view. In an era that has become acutely aware of the biases that history writing inherently possesses, this essay offers a present-day perspective by offering an updated listing of Leonardo’s paintings in the light of recent scholarly debates, particularly given the ever improving technologies and scientific data that are increasingly becoming the benchmark for the appraisal and investigation of art and culture.

Polistampa 2023