Florence Nightingale The “Lady with the Lamp”

As we approach Women’s Month, it is imperative to consider the impact women have had on society. Florence Nightingale was a woman who changed the face of healthcare and the profession of nursing. She was born in a very wealthy family of the élite British bourgeois (his father was a pioneer of epidemiology) and she was named “Florence” in honor of the city of Florence where she was born at Villa Colombaia. It’s interesting that for the same reason, the older sister, born in Naples, was called “Parthenope”. During the Crimean War, Nightingale answered the cries for proper medical care of the wounded British soldiers when an article came out in the London Times by the war correspondent, William Howard Russell.

Friends of Florence

A plaque at the Accademia Gallery as testimony of the great and authentic patronage Since 2003 the non-profit Foundation Friends of Florence supports the...

Giovanni Boldini

“Lo spettacolo della modernità” “C’est un classique!”. This is the recognition given to Giovanni Boldini (Ferrara 1842 – Paris 1931), ever since the first...

Easter in Florence

By Ellen Miller – Writer Florence is one of the most incredible places in the world to spend Easter, so if you are among the...

Abbraccia il Battistero!

To this day, more than five thousand people have made donations to support the restoration of the Baptistery, the symbol of Florence in the...

Stephen Peng Born in Taiwan, he is a rare combination of talents

Drawing inspiration from both the Eastern tradition and Western art, Stephen Peng creates his works, skilfully balancing abstract with impressionism. His works mark an experienced path, an experiential accumulation of moments, visible through the bold colors and clear broad gestures that represent emotional moments from his extraordinary journey through life. Stephen Peng, a rare combination of talents, in addition to being a painter, is also a designer, a photographer, a world traveller, and a passionate businessman.

My ten years in China to promote our Art

Since 2004 I regularly travel to China several times a year to organize exhibitions and participate in art fairs. Ever since my first trip I was fascinated and still am after more than ten years, being surprised by its ongoing growth: skyscrapers, highways, high speed trains, subways, train stations and large airports… and vast museums, always new and amazing, entire neighborhoods dedicated to art, with modern galleries, artists of great talent and originality. No matter if it’s traditional or modern, art is always at the highest level here. China is a country that invests and supports art and culture and it’s an instrument of communication and growth.

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