ReSignifications and Black Portraiture{s} II at New York University Florence

The ReSignifications exhibition, opened on May 29 at the Stefano Bardini Museum and will run until August 29, 2015, curated by the Nigerian Awam Amkpa, playwright, director, film producer, scholar and Professor of Dramatic Arts and African Studies at New York University,an exhibit inspired by the sculptures of “Africans” - Blackamoors - from the Villa La Pietra collection, who were represented in postures of servitude for ornamental purposes.Since 2012 artists from the United States, Africa and Europe were invited to “experience” the collection of Villa La Pietra and were asked to respond to the artistic representations of the Blackamoors, by contrasting them with a selection of three-dimensional objects, models and sculptures according to the reinterpretations and counter-narratives arose from the most diverse contemporary perspectives.

Gormley, Koons, Kounellis

Contemporary art returns to Florence and does so together with the arrival of three of the most important artists from the global panorama. In the beautiful frame of Forte Belvedere you can admire the exhibit Human by Antony Gormley, until 27 September. Born in London in 1950, Gormley is without doubt one of the most appreciated sculptors alive. His works have been exhibited all over the United Kingdom and in international exhibits. Human confirms once again the will of the city to promote contemporary culture trying to find a dialogue and an exchange between the renascent Florence and the city of today. Standing, crouched, contorted, leaning against the wall, sitting on an imaginary pedestal, the iron men are everywhere: on the ramparts, on the steps and on the terraces.

“Nightlife” on the Move

Florence can offer a lot of relaxing moments even during nighttime. But how does it move this somehow mysterious world, and what are the present tendencies that unite “the nightlife people”? We spoke to a few professionals from the geographical heart of the “nightlife” that is spoken so much of lately. “The tendency of people is to find a unique product of its kind” says Riccardo Tarantoli, owner of Red Garter, the historic place in Via dei Benci. “The ‘everyone does it all’ does not exist anymore; young people today love to wander in different places on the same night in order to get a different experience every time”. His bar joins into this “philosophy”, focusing on karaoke with live music and its Steakhouse type restaurant, based exclusively on meat, with no firsts or appetizers.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro When the family gold represents the excellence of Made in Italy

The Manetti family has an antique story that begins in Florence in the ‘600, during the ruling of the Medici. The chronic recount that in 1602, a lightning has destroyed the golden ball from the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore and Matteo Manetti, one of the best goldsmiths of the time, was assigned to restore the dome; this wasn’t an easy task, but he finished in only a month and on September 18, 1602, he was appointed the “Opera Goldsmith” by the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Ever since then, the tradition of producing the “golden foil” was never interrupted in Florence and the “golden foil” produced by Giusto Manetti Battiloro has the noblest of origins: craftsmanship, the “know-how” of the antic Florentine “battiloro” that still today, provide the golden foil to artists, gilders, architects and artisans in order to guilt and restore churches, palaces, cathedrals, monuments, furniture, frames... and not only.

Summer fashion for children

The appointment with the new edition of Pitti Bimbo, the exclusive International exhibit for children wear, that has been in June 2015, takes a look the next year’s collection under the vigilant eye of a multilingual professional audience. But the suggestions for children wear purchases come from last summer’s edition of Pitti Bimbo. We will present some of them. For this year’s summer, pink flamingoes cannot miss from the little girl’s wardrobe.

ROMEO 1931- Contemporary classicism

Exclusive objects, rigorously handmade, that seduce through beauty, elegance, sophistication and a perfect design derived from skillful gestures transmitted from a generation to generation...

Giovanni Boccaccio

Boccaccio, Italian writer, poet, correspondent of Petrarch, and an important Renaissance humanist is mostly known for his famous works The Decameron and On Famous Women. Noted for his realistic dialogue, which differed from that of his contemporaries, medieval writers who usually followed formulaic models for character and plot, he reflects both his bourgeois mercantile background and the chivalric ideals of the Neapolitan court in his works. The details of Boccaccio’s birth are uncertain. He is born (July or August) in Certaldo or in Florence to an unknown woman and Boccaccino di Chellino, a wealthy merchant who officially and without hesitation recognizes him. At an early age, Giovanni begins to study Latin, but his father did not encourage his literary interests, and by 1328 Boccaccio was in Naples to learn commerce.

Ottica Cecchi

Our Optometrists and Contactology professionals are specialized on an International level in the application of contact lenses, correction of any eye defect, from a...

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