Red Hook Criterium

This is not classical cycling, but is invoked by the design of the bicycle; the bicycles don’t have breaks and they slow down by the use of pedals; the audience and the circuit are nearly tackled numerous times at very high speed, this being the track bike crit, racing bikes with no brakes. Street circuits in the dark of the night, at a very high speed, spectacular falls and the idea of turning everything into a real Olympic sport recognized by the UCI, are the characteristics of track bike crit a competition between fashion and sport.

Tre passi per Firenze

Tre passi per Firenze is the project of three young touristic guides, in love with their city that design routes to discover Florence through...

The treasure of Lorenzo il Magnifico

Lorenzo the Magnificent, son of Piero Gottoso and Lucrezia Tornabuoni, nephew of Cosimo il Vecchio, is born in Florence in 1449 and is educated by great humanists and philosophers such as Marsilio Ficino. After his father’s death (1469), he continued the politics of the Medici family, that of “governing without ruling”, maintaining the control over the political Florentine life without eliminating the republican government that was formally in charge. From Rome, Pope Sixtus IV planned an anti-Medici plot, the “Congiura dei Pazzi”, that was supposed to kill Lorenzo and his brother Giuliano (Lorenzo was saved while Giuliano died).

May 23rd: the martyrdom of Savonarola

May 23rd, 1498. A tribune, set up on the steps of the Palazzo della Signoria, at the corner occupied now by Neptune, receives the highest city authorities, two envoys of the Pope, and a few dozen friars. A large crowd is waiting on the other side of the square. Around the scaffold there are straws and firewood being placed. Savonarola and two of his associates, Silvestro Maruffi and Domenico Buonvicini, were found guilty of heresy and schism. They are escorted in front of the grandstand where the reading of the judgment and undressing takes place: their hands, faces and heads are being shaved, and they are stripped of their Dominican clothes and covered with small white robes.

The 68th Cannes Film Festival A not to miss cinematographic event

The movie enthusiasts are already excited and, as usual they will form a crowd in front of the “red carpet’” to applaud the stars present at the most prestigious European cinema festival that will open on May 13 and will end the 24. Eleven days during which there will be presented the best movies that have been produced all over the world and every participant will dream to bring home their “Golden Palm”, an award almost as prestigious as the Oscar. Brothers Joel and Ethan Coen have been called to preside as jury.

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