American Art 1961-2001

Dal 28 maggio la Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi ospita la mostra dedicata all’arte americana intitolata “American Art 1961-2001”. La mostra, a cura di Vincenzo de...

American Art in Florence

La mostra American Art 1961-2001 from the Walker Art Center of Minneapolis consolida la ricerca di Palazzo Strozzi sull’arte moderna americana e chiude una...

Angela De Nozza

Creazioni che incantano al primo sguardo con la tenerezza degli azzurri, dei rosa, dei verdi, il rigoglio della vegetazione e la raffinata grazia della raffigurazione. Rapiscono mente e cuore con la preziosità e la verosimiglianza dei dettagli botanici e zoologici, che permettono il riconoscimento delle specie vegetali e animali presenti.

Sicily and More

Sicily and More is a small boutique settled in Florence, just around the corner from Ponte Vecchio, well known for its Craft Sicilian products, exclusively made in ceramics. Here you find the accurate research on the best craft products from Caltagirone, city where the ceramics are a completely excellence, Sciacca, Santo Stefano di Camastra and Burgio.
The Boutique’s emblems are the colorful and vivid Moro Heads, but you can also find Decorated Ceramic Plates, Paladins, The Sicilian Puppets, Nativities, Nativity’s Characters made with terracotta, Stoups, Matrangela and Christmas Trees, everything rigorously handmade.

Oltrarno comes to life next to Ponte Vecchio The new atelier of Francesco Farolfi

An artist and an artisan have united their “expertise” in a historical space in via Maggio n.3/R, near the corner with via Sprone. The headquarters, existing since 1928, the workshop of the Capecchi family, lampshades manufacturers, has now also become the shop of painter Francesco Farolfi. Here, the artist who works on the premises, knows how to fully express his creativity and exposes his works of art applied on furnishings and interior designs: trompe l’oeil, images of Florentine landscapes on textiles and furniture.

Armida Pupa Nardi

Armida “Pupa” Nardi, versatile Florentine artist, in her Art Studio in the heart of Florence, in Piazza dei Giudici 4/5 r, in front of the Galileo Museum and next to Uffizi has realized a refined place of Culture and Beauty. Pupa has always had a “visceral” relationship with Florence, a city to which she feels very attached, stating: “I was born in the splendid Florence and have had the fortune to breathe Art in all its forms.

Maria de’ Medici A woman patron of the arts

Maria de’ Medici was born on April 26, 1575 in Florence, Italy. The sixth daughter of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francesco I de’ Medici, as a child Maria struggled to overcome the early death of her mother and her father’s neglect. Despite her loss and lack of parental guidance, she received an excellent education, which drew out her passion for fine arts.

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