And the Oscar goes to… The curtain falls over the 87th Annual Academy

On February 22 the Oscar marathon ended, an event that kept most fans glued to the TV all night, waiting for the winners to be announced. This is an increasingly social event that has touched important issues this year, such as feminism, illness, immigration and the situation of the black American people. “I recently read an article that said that winning an Oscar extends your lifespan with five years. Well, if that were true, I would like to thank the Academy because my husband is now younger than me.“ And with these filled with emotion words, the splendid Julianne More, proclaimed best actress for the movie Still Alice, started her acceptance speech. Assuming the role of the affected by Alzheimer’s Linguistics Professor she has finally received her first Oscar win: an announced milestone that could no longer be postponed, crowning a blazing career.

N.I.C.E. – New Italian Cinema Events Passion for cinema and social commitment

N.I.C.E. - New Italian Cinema Events, the already historic Florentine cultural association founded in 1991 and directed by Viviana del Bianco and Grazia Santini, that is responsible for disseminating and promoting the new Italian cinema festival, organized every year around the world, is preparing for the Russian stage, scheduled in April. The start will be given in Moscow (8 to 13) and St. Petersburg (11 to 17), and it will continue in other locations of the Federation. As every year, the program will be full of screenings and events, held, as usual, in the presence of the filmmakers. The event will be in collaboration with the City of Florence and the Tuscany Region.

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