Giorgio Vannini

Giorgio Vannini is a refined clothing boutique, placed in the heart of Florence. Since 1982 Giorgio personally selects for its cherished customers, Italian and...

Angela Caputi

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Florence capital of Italy (1865-1870), Angela Caputi pays tribute to the Baptistery of San Giovanni that...

Stephen Peng Born in Taiwan, he is a rare combination of talents

Drawing inspiration from both the Eastern tradition and Western art, Stephen Peng creates his works, skilfully balancing abstract with impressionism. His works mark an experienced path, an experiential accumulation of moments, visible through the bold colors and clear broad gestures that represent emotional moments from his extraordinary journey through life. Stephen Peng, a rare combination of talents, in addition to being a painter, is also a designer, a photographer, a world traveller, and a passionate businessman.

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