“Puntazza” di Simone Innocenti

Una raccolta di otto racconti che parlano di suore assassine, appassionati di tirwatching, trafficanti di animali, improbabili ladri di gratta e vinci, eredità inaspettate....

The juicer

He knew. He knew that he had to keep things in a better manner, that he had to put them back into their place...

Russian prose for Italian Christmas

“Lauro” (“Laurus”) by Evgeniy Vodolazkin. This novel is about Russian medieval doctor and a monk named Laurus. The protagonist tries to atone for his involuntary sin all his life. He travels a lot for his redemption. Laurus goes, particularly, to Sepulcher, in Jerusalem, in the company of Florentine named Ambrogio Flecchia, the visionary winning the time.

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