The “Bosco della Ragnaia” – If not here, where?

The Bosco della Ragnaia is a private woodland park, open to the public, located in San Giovanni d’Asso, a small town near Siena. It is named after what has been a typical element of Italian gardens since the Middle Ages, the “ragnaia”: a little impenetrable wood formed by dense hedges of holm oaks, myrtles and mastic trees, created to attract with its shadows and streams, birds that were caught with special nets called “ragne”. Today, this eighteenth-century ragnaia it is only used to catch just ironic thoughts and enigmatic questions.

Salento: a magnificent place

White beaches, a turquoise seaside, luxurious dunes, art, beauty and an excellent cuisine. 8 days and 1000 kilometers without any worries in Puglia. In the beginning of summer, when reception is more attentive, spots are still available and prices are very interesting. The trip can be organized by oneself: a web research, some calls made and then off you go, if you have already been there before your enthusiasm will be renewed and if this is the first time you take this trip, even better, there are places that never betray your expectations, especially if you plan it calmly and not go during the high season.

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