Il fidanzato di mia sorella Una commedia anglo-americana come tante, che non sfrutta abbastanza il potenziale dei suoi attori protagonisti

Il regista scozzese Tom Vaughan, del quale si ricordano due dei film più noti, Notte brava a Las Vegas e Misure straordinarie, sceglie come colonna portante del suo nuovo film l’ex 007 Pierce Brosnan, facendolo interagire con due bei volti del cinema statunitense: Salma Hayek, che ha appena indossato le vesti della regina triste in Il racconto dei racconti e Jessica Alba, la super sexy Nancy di Sin City.

The voice of Mina ... in Piazza Santo Spirito

It must have been around seven in the morning of a Saturday, the first day of August, and Piazza Santo Spirito could not have been more peaceful. There were no plastic cups or beer bottles from the night before and only one coffee shop was open. The square was quiet and the sun shined softly. I had just exited the building with three of the four-legged customers of the pet sitting business I work for, and even them, three terriers, were calm and relaxed, matching the mood of the day.

Tomato or the “apple of love”?

Among the edible gifts brought from Christopher Columbus’ New World, the tomato deserves a special mention for its contribution to our cultural-gourmand cuisine. Solanum Lypersicum, arrived from Mexico, with a dazzling color, full of erotic allusions, and was called the apple of love: “the apple of love changed into the tomato, also contributing to the transformation of its color between red and orange” (O. Pianigiani). Considered a decorative vegetable, very little nutritious, it’s only in the second half of ‘600, when an aristocratic Neapolitan cook book, offers the first recipe of the tomato sauce. Antonio Latini, author of the precedent delight says: “take half a dozen of ripe tomatoes, place them on the grill to brown, and mixed together with a good quality oil, you will have made a tasty sauce”.

The Tuscan Sky

Have you looked at the sky today? I find, among the wonders of Florence, that the Tuscan sky above it is by far the most wonderful of them all. It has always made me question whether the great minds that emerged and created in this city would have been so exceptional under different colors. It is true that greatness takes inspiration, be it through grace or hardship.

Donatello In the Sagrestia Vecchia in San Lorenzo

Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi, known as Donatello, (Firenze 1383/1386 – Firenze 1466) was an amazing talent. During his long artistic career he created works of art using various techniques and materials, from sculpting in marble, rock, wood, clay, plaster and bronze to the use of mosaic, from designing windows to incursions in architecture. He learnt to work in bronze as a young man, being the assistant of Lorenzo Ghiberti. Filippo Brunelleschi was a good friend of Donatello and together they went to visit Rome to discover ancient statues and architecture. After their return to Florence, they worked together to realize one of the most surprising environments of the fifteenth century, the Old Sacristy in San Lorenzo.

The new season of Teatro della Pergola

Built in 1695, by the will of the Accademia degli Immobili, under the auspices of the Cardinal Giovan Carlo de’ Medici, Pergola Theater has known in the last few years one of the most tempestuous and relevant seasons of its long history. Recently united with the Pontedera Theater Foundation under the name of Teatro della Toscana and with the meaningful recent recognition of National Theater, Pergola is one of the most important theaters in Italy today. The most remarkable novelty of this season is the interest taken in training projects, articulated through the “Orazio Costa” Training Program for Actors – biennial school that cultivates and deepens the legacy of Orazio Costa, one of the first pedagogues-directors who worked and lived his last years at Pergola – and Oltrarno, ambitious acting graduate school run by Pierfrancesco Favino with a triennial cycle, full time and totally free.

Life as an artist in Florence

Florence… for centuries the home of artists. Why? For so many reasons Florence inspires artists of both the past and present. Florence is unlike any other city in the world. It is not an exaggeration to say, it is magical. To follow in the footsteps of where old masters once walked, the legacy of their works in the museums, churches and galleries, the architecture and sculptures of every street is just the beginning…there is also the diversity of the city both with the locals and the visitors who come from every corner of the world and here, more than any other place we know, invites conversation in the piazzas, the restaurants and even in line at the markets. Everyone has a story to share and that is essentially what an artist is…a story-teller.

The Nuova Antologia The autobiography of the nation

It was the rise of the capital of Florence in 1865, that made it feel necessary for this country to have a cultural political period that would allow an open and qualified debate – beyond parliamentary controversy and the hastiness of the newspapers – about the great issues and problems of a politically united Italy, (only Venice and Rome were missing), but also to become unified in so many other issues. In Florence, the tradition was prestigious. Between 1821 and 1832 the “Antologia” by Gian Pietro Vieusseux, Gino Capponi and Niccolò Tommaseo had contributed – until the censors ordered it to be suppressed – to the formation of the national consciousness, imposing itself on an European level in the battle for the progress of a civil society, for the emancipation of the lower classes, education of the women, training of farmers, the improvement of the economic conditions through savings.

Impressionisti e Moderni Capolavori dalla Phillips Collection di Washington

Sixty-two paintings from America’s first museum of modern art. A treasured Washington, D.C. institution opened to the public in 1921, The Phillips Collection was conceived by its founder, Duncan Phillips, as “an intimate museum combined with an experiment station” in the nation’s capital where the art of one’s time would be exhibited in the company of well-known masterpieces. The Phillips Collection is recognized around the world today for its premiere collection of modern and contemporary art.

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