A few words with Stefania Ippoliti A new season rich of beautiful cinema

Stefania Ippoliti is a splendid, fascinating lady, admired by all for her charm but also for her intelligence and versatility in various cultural fields where she has always been distinguished. Her professional career is very interesting and it is with extreme simplicity that she tells me about her life. “My parents have taught me to consider life as a school, a long process of growth, and they have always encouraged me to read a lot"

Cosimo de’ Medici, Pater Patriae

Cosimo de’ Medici also knows as Pater Patriae was born on September 27, 1389, during a prosperous period for Florence. Inheriting the influence of his father, Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici, he was to become a great art collector, business leader and historian. He represented the Medici bank, managed the papacy’s finances and became the wealthiest man of his time. Cautious like his father but ruling with a firmer hand, his speech and actions were well balanced.

Armida “Pupa” Nardi The versatile Florentine artist inaugurates her new Art Studio

In September, Armida “Pupa” Nardi, versatile Florentine artist, inaugurates her new Art Studio in the heart of Florence, in Piazza dei Giudici 4/5 r, in front of the Galileo Museum and next to Uffizi. An artist’s studio that wants to be a place of Culture and Beauty, a refined and intimate lounge where meetings and conferences on artistic, historic and social themes will be hosted. Pupa has always had a “visceral” relationship with Florence, a city to which she feels very attached, stating: “I was born in the splendid Florence and have had the fortune to breathe Art in all its forms. My passion for Art and Painting in particular, has grown alongside with me and I always cultivated it, together with my passion for theater, the study of foreign languages and travelling”.

The Frilli Gallery A temple to the perfect copy

Housed in the six vaulted spaces of what used to be a stable for horse-drawn carriages, the Frilli Gallery provides a remarkable overview of the history of Florentine sculpture. The whole gallery, created with a refined clientele in mind, consists of copies of greater and lesser masterpieces. But these are not mass-produced copies, they are the product of a long tradition of craft skills applied to such fine materials as bronze and marble.

The more years pass, the more beautiful it gets… It’s the Biannual Antiques Fair From September 26 to October 4 at the Corsini Palace

It’s almost sixty-six years old, it shows its age, but that’s not a problem. In fact, it should be proud of its age and with each edition it aims to be more beautiful and interesting than before. Over the years it knew how to cultivate and increase the already high level achieved with the stirs of its first edition in 1959. Those where the years when Florence, only recently coming out from the disaster of the war, seemed to successfully sew back together the threads of its history that, since the Renaissance, was seen as an indisputable leader on the international scene as a cultural capital and guardian of beauty.

Adi Da Samraj – “The Ascent of Orpheus” Between and Beyond Representation and Abstraction

For the first time in its 150-year history, the Bargello National Museum hosts a solo contemporary art exhibition, The Ascent Of Orpheus: Between and Beyond Representation and Abstraction, by the American-born artist Adi Da Samraj. In an unusual bridging of ancient myth and digitally composed large-scale fabrications, the exhibition is Adi Da’s sweeping and at times demanding retelling of the famous Orpheus and Eurydice myth.

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