In this issue Florence is… July- August 2016

Se durante i caldi mesi estivi trascorrerete buona parte del vostro tempo in città, non mancheranno le occasioni per arricchire le vostre giornate all’insegna della grande arte e del tempo libero. Ecco qualche dritta. Iniziamo dall’alto, dal Forte Belvedere, da dove godrete di una veduta su Firenze da togliere il fiato, ma non solo, perché fino al 2 ottobre potrete ammirare i grandi guardiani in bronzo di Jan Fabre, artista fiammingo tra più innovativi del panorama contemporaneo. Una fortificazione, quella del Forte Belvedere che nel tempo è servita per difendere Firenze dalle minacce dei nemici esterni ma anche per proteggere la famiglia dei Medici durante le rivolte cittadine. Dai bastioni dell’antica fortezza medicea, “Spiritual Guards”, che prosegue a Palazzo Vecchio e Piazza della Signoria, vi conquisterà.

In this issue Florence is Fascinating scenography, Spring, Fashion

Strolling in the center of Florence, until the 15th May, you will find yourself suddenly immersed in a luxurious garden, an unexpected green oasis. Set right in the heart of the Uffizi Gallery’ courtyard, it is almost impossible to miss it! To the visitor, it may appear to be another successful urban design experiment, an example of landscape architecture or even an installation. In reality, it is a historical commemoration of the annual Flower Exhibit, begun in Florence in 1855 which continues to the present day.

In this issue Florence is…

Your gaze may have noticed the appearance of Chinese characters on the first page, which from this moment on will enrich every page of Florence is You! They are a symbol that conveys our awareness and knowledge of the more and more multi-cultured public of the city of Florence, which is also the reading audience of our newspaper. More and more foreigners, mostly Americans, but for several months also Chinese and Russians contact us to express their honest appreciations for guiding them to discover a city “that has the architecture of the sky” as Suleyman Azhari, student at the New York University currently NYU Florence, writes. They thank us as following: “My name is Ivan. I am a journalist from Moscow, the Russian Federation.

In this issue Florence is… January - February 2016 - Pitti Uomo 89, Study abroad in Florence, Carnevale, San Valentino & Meryl Streep

It is known that January in Florence is one of the most awaited moments by fans and professionals of the fashion business, when the events of Pitti Immagine take place and the city looks different; it is indeed different, overwhelmingly invaded by characters of style, sometimes a more than experimental one, to which you cannot remain indifferent while walking down the street. You can simply notice it: “it is Pitti” as usual! You will find a colorful and very lively city, many events and initiatives to be involved in, and which will not fail to intrigue. On this note, you will discover a lot of articles dedicated to fashion and shopping in Florence in this issue of Florence is You!, many advices and genuine tips to learn from, about places, exhibits and not to be missed monuments, sophisticated boutiques where you can, why not, allow yourself a beautiful gift and the best restaurants that represent the city’s landmarks, where you can create a great memory and experience it again for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Natale è… l’Oltrarno un mese di festa a Firenze

Firenze si veste a festa per il santo Natale e passeggiando per il centro della città si incontrano tante iniziative nelle quali ci immergiamo completamente nell’atmosfera natalizia. Dopo il debutto, durante il ponte dell’Immacolata, “Natale è… Oltrarno” è certamente un appuntamento da non perdere nel cuore pulsante di Firenze. Tantissime le iniziative per grandi e piccoli, immersi in un’atmosfera gioiosa e con il sottofondo musicale tipico delle feste. Nel “Villaggio di Babbo Natale” in Piazza del Carmine, passeggiamo tra mercatini, giostre, libri, giocattoli, gustose proposte gastronomiche e una fantastica pista di pattinaggio sul ghiaccio che sorprende davvero quando te la trovi proprio in mezzo al centro storico! In via Maggio proseguono mostre e appuntamenti culturali, mentre nella vicina Piazza Santo Spirito non manca di certo l’intrattenimento musicale.

In this issue Florence is … Novembre - Decembre 2015

Exactly two year have passed since the first issue of Florence is You! published in its printed form on December 2013, and how much it has changed since then... Browsing the printed issues that have followed, with my dear friend and our patient graphic designer Manuela, we smile when we are surprised to use the same expression, which, referring to the newspaper, basically seems to say “it has changed so much”. And it is true, because Florence is You! was brought up lovingly by our hands, our ideas, our will, and is the result of the devotions of so many people: our writers and collaborators who do their best to accomplish all that is needed to make the newspaper more and more rich in content and new proposals; readers and friends that have contacted us to receive Florence is You! and it is thanks to their precious suggestions that we are now distributing it in more than 400 places; our partners, some of whom have been with us on this adventure since the beginning and that have immediately shown great faith sustaining what has become “our newspaper” and deciding to tell their stories through its pages.

In this issue Florence is… September - October 2015

After the summer vacations, fortunate those who have managed to find a few days to relax, it is during the month of September when projects and activities, previously undertaken, seem to flourish and move forward with a new boost. I wish that while you are flipping each page of Florence is You! you will find new ideas and interesting suggestions. In Florence, the construction site that never stops is without any doubt that of Opera del Duomo, where feverish constructions are taking place for the building of the new Museum, its opening for the public being scheduled on October 29, 2015.

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