Donatello In the Sagrestia Vecchia in San Lorenzo

Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi, known as Donatello, (Firenze 1383/1386 – Firenze 1466) was an amazing talent. During his long artistic career he created works of art using various techniques and materials, from sculpting in marble, rock, wood, clay, plaster and bronze to the use of mosaic, from designing windows to incursions in architecture. He learnt to work in bronze as a young man, being the assistant of Lorenzo Ghiberti. Filippo Brunelleschi was a good friend of Donatello and together they went to visit Rome to discover ancient statues and architecture. After their return to Florence, they worked together to realize one of the most surprising environments of the fifteenth century, the Old Sacristy in San Lorenzo.

The new season of Teatro della Pergola

Built in 1695, by the will of the Accademia degli Immobili, under the auspices of the Cardinal Giovan Carlo de’ Medici, Pergola Theater has known in the last few years one of the most tempestuous and relevant seasons of its long history. Recently united with the Pontedera Theater Foundation under the name of Teatro della Toscana and with the meaningful recent recognition of National Theater, Pergola is one of the most important theaters in Italy today. The most remarkable novelty of this season is the interest taken in training projects, articulated through the “Orazio Costa” Training Program for Actors – biennial school that cultivates and deepens the legacy of Orazio Costa, one of the first pedagogues-directors who worked and lived his last years at Pergola – and Oltrarno, ambitious acting graduate school run by Pierfrancesco Favino with a triennial cycle, full time and totally free.

Impressionisti e Moderni Capolavori dalla Phillips Collection di Washington

Sixty-two paintings from America’s first museum of modern art. A treasured Washington, D.C. institution opened to the public in 1921, The Phillips Collection was conceived by its founder, Duncan Phillips, as “an intimate museum combined with an experiment station” in the nation’s capital where the art of one’s time would be exhibited in the company of well-known masterpieces. The Phillips Collection is recognized around the world today for its premiere collection of modern and contemporary art.

The Venice Art Biannual The humanistic fascination of the contemporary in Venice - Until November 30

Now in its 56th Edition, the International Art Exhibition is currently taking place in Venice until the 22nd November, and is complemented by other events hosted by the Biennale di Venezia which focus on different media including cinema. Now 120 years old, the Art Biennial aims to act as an international site in which to explore contemporary global realities. The event consists of many pavilions in which countries present the work of national artists.

Jeff Koons Contemporary humanist

In the technological chaos that increasingly takes over the most intimate dimension of the human being, even art, such logic tempts to often exchange the use of technology as an ending and not as a means. A beautiful exception is represented by American, Jeff Koons. Originally from New York, Pennsylvania, a dynamic reality of the American steel industry (the scenes from The Deer Hunter are unforgettable), since childhood he has shown a profound sense of aesthetics together with an acute observing capacity to the surrounding reality.

On September 27 Florence runs in “pink” “Corri la vita” is a not to be missed event for the city

On September 28 I arrive at Duomo in advance, but the Piazza is already packed with a lively and graceful, festive crowd. Among thousands of colored balloons, people of all ages: children, parents, grandparents, many young people and, last but not least, so many faithful four-legged friends. It’s the departure of the so-called “walk”, the path of the non-competitive 5 km that goes on through the streets of Florence at a normal pace, an ideal participation in “Corri la vita” for people like me who do not have sporting ambitions and prefer to document their time, always with a camera at hand.

“Magnificent” and “La Divina Bellezza” Two works of modern art

It is not to establish a list that will encourage ancient rivalry between Florence and Siena that we speak about in this article, but about two videos, wonders of technology applied through art, Magnificent of Florence and La Divina Bellezza of Siena. Even if they were both born from the need to draw to Tuscany direct visitors at the Expo Milan, they are designed to be featured longer in the Exhibition itself. There are discussions about making them permanent installations, because they chose to narrate two different stories, both of them using projected works of art, in a synthesis that recalls and revitalizes the meaning of paintings, architecture and sculptures from distant centuries.

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