The more years pass, the more beautiful it gets… It’s the Biannual Antiques Fair From September 26 to October 4 at the Corsini Palace

It’s almost sixty-six years old, it shows its age, but that’s not a problem. In fact, it should be proud of its age and with each edition it aims to be more beautiful and interesting than before. Over the years it knew how to cultivate and increase the already high level achieved with the stirs of its first edition in 1959. Those where the years when Florence, only recently coming out from the disaster of the war, seemed to successfully sew back together the threads of its history that, since the Renaissance, was seen as an indisputable leader on the international scene as a cultural capital and guardian of beauty.

Adi Da Samraj – “The Ascent of Orpheus” Between and Beyond Representation and Abstraction

For the first time in its 150-year history, the Bargello National Museum hosts a solo contemporary art exhibition, The Ascent Of Orpheus: Between and Beyond Representation and Abstraction, by the American-born artist Adi Da Samraj. In an unusual bridging of ancient myth and digitally composed large-scale fabrications, the exhibition is Adi Da’s sweeping and at times demanding retelling of the famous Orpheus and Eurydice myth.

David Gilmour in Florence He brings the music of Pink Floyd (…and not only)

After nine years, David Gilmour, guitar and voice of Pink Floyd, returns to Florence. Already sold out months ago, the concert will take place on September 15 at the Visarno Hippodrome (starting 9 pm). It will be an evening that will hold the mark of Pink Floyd, but not only: in fact, on September 18, Rattle That Lock, the fourth studio album of the guitarist will be released, preceding the single with the same name released in July. Born in 1946, David Gilmour is without any doubt one of the most influent and famous rock guitarists, and the inimitable tone of his six chords has accompanied masterpieces that have marked the imagination of generations for more than forty years.

Vogue Fashion Night Out Florence Edition

Started in 2009, the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is an annual event happening in the coolest places across the world. This year, the event takes places in two Italian cities: Florence (17th of September) and Milan (22nd of September). What you should expect from the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is people dancing on the main streets of the city center, free drinks, good music, great vibes and a fresh atmosphere. This year event is the third time in the history of Florence when the city is hosting the event.

100 DAYS OF MEDICI DYNASTY Thursday, September 10

On Thursday, September 10, we celebrate the hundredth performance of The Medici Dynasty Show, showcasing the history of Florence in English. With a hundred performances in four months, The Medici Dynasty marks a record for Tuscany: never before, in such a short amount of time, has a show been performed a hundred times. On Thursday, September 10th, we celebrate this milestone in Piazza San Lorenzo. On the facade of San Giovannino degli Scolopi (a fourteenth-century building), where the show made its debut in April, five Medici coats of arms will be mounted.

Festa della Rificolona September 7th

The Paper lantern Festival - Festa della Rificolona, takes place in Florence every year on the evening of September 7th as part of the celebrations for Saint Mary’s birthday. The origins of the festival date back to the 12th century when people from the vicinities came to Florence to celebrate Virgin Mary’s birthday and pray in the Basilica della Santissima Annunziata. Traditionally, the peasants brought the fruits of their labor as gifts to the mother of Jesus. Because they left their villages while it was still dark, they used handmade lanterns carried on long sticks to lighten the way with.

In this issue Florence is… September - October 2015

After the summer vacations, fortunate those who have managed to find a few days to relax, it is during the month of September when projects and activities, previously undertaken, seem to flourish and move forward with a new boost. I wish that while you are flipping each page of Florence is You! you will find new ideas and interesting suggestions. In Florence, the construction site that never stops is without any doubt that of Opera del Duomo, where feverish constructions are taking place for the building of the new Museum, its opening for the public being scheduled on October 29, 2015.

Siena: Waiting for the Palio

The city of Siena is without doubt one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Tuscany. Siena’s heart is its central piazza known as Il Campo, known worldwide for the famous Palio run here, a horse race run around the piazza every summer. palioThe earliest known antecedents of this horse race are medieval. Piazza Il Campo was the site of public, combative games such as pugna, a sort of many-sided boxing match or brawl, jousting, and in the 16th century, bullfights. Of all these games only the Palio has survived throughout time.

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