Tommaso Sacchi: a very special young man

We met Tommaso Sacchi in Florence, the place where he lives and works. Tommaso is not only a curator, organizer and consultant in the creativity and artistic production field, but also an elegant young man, full of style. While we are talking, I observe him, dressed in a light shirt and blue jacket, of modern taste but with a vintage touch, while he tells me about his life. His path is very rich and interesting: at only 32 years old he has had a series of experiences that span across the entire cultural sector and has collaborated with personalities of great importance, in Italy and also abroad.

A few words with Simonetta Brandolini d’Adda An extraordinary woman in love with Florence and Italy

We all should pay a tribute of grate gratitude to the person I am about to introduce to you and to the generous members of the nonprofit American Foundation who has founded and presides Friends in Florence. Using only private funds, Friends of Florence takes care of our extraordinary cultural and artistic patrimony since 1998, using a lot of resources for monumental restoration, being animated by genuine civic spirit. Every year twenty thousand euro are given to the Accademia Gallery for the maintenance of David and the Prisoners of Michelangelo; it was Friends in Florence that were the leading agents to participate in the restoration of the Uffizi Tribuna, the Crucifix of Giambologna from the SS. Annunziata Chapel, in important interventions in the churches of S. Spirito, SS. Annunziata, S. Croce, in Florence’s museums, in the diagnostic campaign realized by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure regarding the disappeared fresco of Leonardo’s Battle of Anghiari.

Monna Tessa The philanthropist “nanny”

Monna Tessa, who was she? Changing the famous phrase of The Betrothed, she wasn’t a philosopher, but, according to tradition, the inspirer of the foundation of a fundamental Florentine institution; nevertheless, as much as Carneade in the Manzoni Novel, an almost forgotten figure today. She was the Portinari educator and governess, family factotum and trustworthy women; she brought up and trained Beatrice, “forbidden” and idealized love of Dante, but what makes us her precious it’s above all that she persuaded Beatrice’s father, Folco Portinari, to finance the foundation of the hospital known today as Santa Maria Nuova.

A lesson of good manners from Wayne James Former Senator of the United States

Manly Manners: Lifestyle & Modern Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21st Century is a very interesting and enjoyable book, written by Wayne James, former US senator who has always had a passion for literature, so much that he decided to write a book for the young gentlemen of our times, offering them advice. “As a child I used to read many publications on etiquette, that were in the house of my family in the Virgin Islands, where I was born, and over the years I realized that in reality these texts were dedicating very little space for us men, so I decided to write a book that should become an ideal travel companion for every man, being able to offer my experience, the fruit of my many travels and what I have learned firsthand, thus suggesting how to behave better in any circumstance without incurring any embarrassment”.

Florence Nightingale The “Lady with the Lamp”

As we approach Women’s Month, it is imperative to consider the impact women have had on society. Florence Nightingale was a woman who changed the face of healthcare and the profession of nursing. She was born in a very wealthy family of the élite British bourgeois (his father was a pioneer of epidemiology) and she was named “Florence” in honor of the city of Florence where she was born at Villa Colombaia. It’s interesting that for the same reason, the older sister, born in Naples, was called “Parthenope”. During the Crimean War, Nightingale answered the cries for proper medical care of the wounded British soldiers when an article came out in the London Times by the war correspondent, William Howard Russell.

Stephen Peng Born in Taiwan, he is a rare combination of talents

Drawing inspiration from both the Eastern tradition and Western art, Stephen Peng creates his works, skilfully balancing abstract with impressionism. His works mark an experienced path, an experiential accumulation of moments, visible through the bold colors and clear broad gestures that represent emotional moments from his extraordinary journey through life. Stephen Peng, a rare combination of talents, in addition to being a painter, is also a designer, a photographer, a world traveller, and a passionate businessman.

My ten years in China to promote our Art

Since 2004 I regularly travel to China several times a year to organize exhibitions and participate in art fairs. Ever since my first trip I was fascinated and still am after more than ten years, being surprised by its ongoing growth: skyscrapers, highways, high speed trains, subways, train stations and large airports… and vast museums, always new and amazing, entire neighborhoods dedicated to art, with modern galleries, artists of great talent and originality. No matter if it’s traditional or modern, art is always at the highest level here. China is a country that invests and supports art and culture and it’s an instrument of communication and growth.

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